Sunday Talks, Texas AG Ken Paxton Discusses SCOTUS Decision to Ignore Their Constitutional Authority in State Dispute Over Election Fraud

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on December 13, 2020 by sundance

Appearing with Fox News Maria Bartiromo, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton outlines his state’s legal and constitutional position on election fraud that disenfranchises his citizens.   If Texas has no “standing” then how are we to remain The United States.

As Paxton rightly notes if electoral nullification is not in the constitutional purview of the Supreme Court then what is?  The electors clause is in the Constitution for a reason… and the Tree of Liberty is quite parched at this specific moment in history.

It might, very small ‘might‘, be argued the constitutional “harm” has not yet evidenced as electors have not yet presented themselves. However, the SCOTUS ruling would likely have inferred that position.

Texas AG Paxton does not appear to be positioned to re-file after 12/14/20.

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