The Hypocrisy Scarf Speaks..Will You Listen?

Re-Posted from on DEC 22, 2020 AT 11:14 AM Tina Toon

They tell you to wear a face mask inside your own home…yet California Gov. Newsom dines maskless at expensive restaurants .

They fine and arrest you if you refuse to close your hair salon…Yet Pelosi gets her hair done in a closed salon without wearing a face mask.

They tell you not to travel and stay home…yet the Mayor of Austin can travel to sunny Mexico for a vacation.

And now Dr. Deborah Birx , member of the Covid-19 task force,  who scolds us not to gather with our families during the holidays, has a three generation Brix family gathering with no face masks or social distancing.

The hypocrisy is scarf deep.

Our so called “elites” and medical “experts” tell us Covid-19 is deadly and we must shut down our country’s economic engine, lockdown every business, (except those the elites choose and pick as essential, ie strip clubs, liquor stores, Walmart,,,,but not churches.)

Yet our so called “elites” act like covid isn’t deadly at all. If it was, would they be caught dead with out a face mask or would they even step foot out of their safety sealed homes?  Weird disconnect isn’t it?

The virus is a powerful control tool used over a fearful populace.

The face mask is a form of submission as Rand Paul recently said.

Look at the recent spate of “elites” and celebrities getting the vaccine live on the news. Ask yourself why? If Covid was so deadly wouldn’t people be rushing to get in line for the vaccine? Wouldn’t there be long lines outside the hospitals, people eager to get a jab?

That’s not happening. So the medical “establishment” has to stage these PR stunts with people getting their vaccine live on air. “Look, I got the vaccine, it’s great and I am fine. You should too,” they say.

Except we don’t know what’s in that needle, saline? A placebo? Why did the nurse drop to her knees live on TV after her shot? Why are doctors now refusing to take the vaccine or give it to their patients?

These are the questions we have to ask. Why would you trust these people after they have lied to us for decades? Look at the new covid stimulus package just passed by congress. Look at what’s in it, so much pork and graft (gender studies for Pakistan, tax cuts for race horse owners, millions for the “arts.”)

Why would you trust the government to rush out a vaccine and inject who knows what into your body?

Watch what they do…not what they say.

Our left wing “elites” tell/force us to give up our freedom and rights to avoid a catastrophe and then go about with their activities like usual. They must get a good laugh at all the frightened little sheep running around in their useless paper face masks.

The CDC told us the survival rate for covid-19 is 99.6%.

The elite authoritarians want us to abide by their fascist rules. While they ignore their own rules.

Fell like you have been duped?  You have.

Time to fight back, do not embrace your own slavery.



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