Riding Off into the sunset

RePosted from GrrrGraphics.com DEC 27, 2020 AT 11:27 AM High Noon

I was very disappointed when Jeff Sessions recused himself, so naturally I was happy when Bill Barr replaced him as Attorney General.  John Durham was then appointed as special counsel. I expected to see some long-awaited justice meted out against those who attempted a coup against our lawfully-elected president.

I even penned a cartoon showing “Bull Durham” collaring all the evil-doers and they were all lined up and hanging on his long horns of justice.

It never happened. Barr and Durham cornered a low-level FBI man for doctoring an email. That was it. Brennan, Comey, Hillary, Obama, Clapper, Schiff, and many others skated. We now know that Barr was most likely protecting his Deep State colleagues. After all, he was a Bush man and a member of the Swamp. He underlined that fact when he refused to go after Hunter Biden. He knew about the laptop well in advance of the election. He did nothing.

Many of us were expecting a ‘High Noon” showdown. We instead got a letdown. Barr did not take action. Instead, he dragged his feet and ran out the clock before riding out early into the sunset.

What a sorry show.

—Ben Garrison

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