The 12th Amendment Plan: A Pence Path to a Contingent Election

But what alternative do Americans have?

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Dr. Brad Lyles —— Bio and ArchivesDecember 29, 2020

In the past several days pro-Trump pundits began floating the idea that Vice-President/President of the Senate, Mike Pence, actually possesses plenary power to accept or reject Electoral votes he believes are fraudulent or fraudulently certified. 

These Trump-supporters point to the 12th Amendment as the basis for this allegation. However, an unbiased reading of the 12th Amendment does not at first glance support this perspective. But… recent scholarship makes a compelling case for the assertion that the 12th Amendment indeed grants the Vice President/President of the Senate such plenary powers over acceptance of Electoral votes. 

And if this is true, and if VP Pence were to nullify sufficient slates of Electors (even if he did not endorse competing slates of Republican Electors), the 2020 election would then transition into what is called a Contingent Election in the House of Representatives – the same form of election that elected Thomas Jefferson President. And a Contingent Election will re-elect Donald Trump – because such an election assigns each State only one vote – and Republicans control the majority of the votes because they control the majority of the States. 

The ultimate preparation for a 12th Amendment battle is what our rag-tag teams of attorneys and activists are already doing: Building, refining, and organizing the mountains of evidence for election-changing fraud in the Six Swing States. 

Since Election Night on November 3 these teams have also labored to rally support among Swing State Legislators, urging them to recall or nullify their State’s current slates of fraudulent Electors. These teams have invoked every possible mechanism to this end but have succeeded only in carrying off sparsely attended legislative informational hearings with no backing of leadership. Yet, their efforts are slowly having an effect. 

This ‘persuade the State Legislators’ tactic is ongoing and remains a pivotal element on the path to reclaiming our stolen election. To this end all readers who support Trump must continue to call and email these State Legislators every single day between now and January 6, when the Electoral votes are formally counted. 

(I would be honored to email my csv files of the email addresses of State legislators from GA, PA, WI and AZ – thus permitting you to compose your email text  and then paste the email addresses into it – and hit Send). I also have example emails available (drawn from the ones I’ve sent nearly every day since the election). My email:

The ultimate goal of this State Legislator initiative is to accumulate as many of their voices as possible calling into question the legitimacy of their own  State’s election and communicating their allegations directly to VP Mike Pence – ASAP – and to Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate. 

The greater the number of  State legislator declarations the greater the justification for VP Pence to invalidate Electors from the Swing States. And, it must be kept in mind that VP Pence does not have to ‘replace’ the fraudulent Electors with Trump Electors – he merely needs to take the currently fraudulently certified Electors out of play. 

To the extent he can do this, if it knocks both Biden and Trump below 270 votes, the wondrous Contingent Election, described above, can begin – which we win.  

In addition to the “State Legislator initiative” described above, between now and January 6 Patriots need to overwhelm U.S. Republican House members and Senators – especially the Senators – with phone calls and emails. 

We must demand of our Republican U.S. legislators that they OBJECT to the fraudulent slates of Electors from the Six scandalous Swing States. In particular, they must take whatever action is necessary that will lead to a Contingent Election. 

Note: Phone calls are best because no U.S. Congressperson provides a direct email address – only those useless ‘form’ email boxes. 

However, to date we do not have any Senators on the record confirming they will join a House member in Objecting to slates of Electors on January 6. At least one Senator is required for each Objection. We need to warn our Senators – now – that if they fail to act – aggressively – we will initiate Primary and Recall initiatives  against them, beginning January 7, and without end. 

We come now to the the third initiative comprising the “12th Amendment Plan” – the VP Pence initiative: VP Pence needs to be overwhelmed with emails and phone calls from Republicans, prevailing upon him to courageously refuse to accept Electoral votes from the Six Scandalous Swing States.  

Motivated (hopefully) by the raucous demands of the 74 million Patriots who voted for Trump, our Republican State and Federal politicians will be motivated – finally – to take a deep dive into the growing treasure trove of hard evidence of election-changing fraud. 

Now, in the final hours of this effort, this evidence of fraud will be sorely needed by U.S. Congresspersons to support their Objections to Electoral votes  on January 6. Mike Pence will need this information to justify his assertion of Amendment 12 powers. And, most importantly, the American public will need this information to determine whether the 12th Amendment Plan is fully justified as a valid means for overturning the most comprehensively putrid and fraudulent election in American history. 

Patriots can hasten this process by mastering the evidence* themselves – the growing bounty of evidence of fraud – to the end of forcing it upon the legislators they contact – compelling the legislators to at least acknowledge the evidence for election-changing fraud and to cease their willful ignorance and denial. 

If Patriot Republican dreams come true, if VP Mike Pence is truly authorized by the 12th Amendment to exert exclusive and plenary power over certification of slates of Electors (including the power to nullify fraudulent slates of Electors)  and if VP Mike Pence is prepared to save America despite his certain knowledge he will then be reviled to the ends of time by half the population – and if he indeed nullifies the invalid slates of Electors – the nation will explode into Civil War. 

When/if this transpires on January 6, the overwhelming cold Civil War already consuming us will likely  transmogrify into violence and riots orders of magnitude larger than anything brought to us heretofore by Black Lives Matter or Antifa. 

Sadly, this chilling scenario is all the more likely because current polling reveals 95% of Democrats believe Joe Biden was elected in a free and fair election. Consequently, if Republicans reclaim the election initially stolen from them –  on January 6 – and given that Democrats (mostly) comprise the only Party reliably responsible for political violence in America, the 95% of Democrats who are certain their election was legitimate will unleash hell’s own fury of fire and violence upon our nation. 

As predictably as the sun rising in the East. 

But what alternative do Americans have? It takes no great mind to understand that if the vast and consuming fraud of the 2020 election is allowed to stand, if America possesses no mechanism by which to thwart this fraud’s rectification, our electoral process, and our country, are doomed and unsalvageable. By this standard, honor demands we endure temporary conflagrations no matter how unendurable. 

Our country is worth it. 

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