Facing a Change in Administration, Portland Mayor Wheeler Now Promises to Eliminate Antifa Violence

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 2, 2021 by Sundance

Mayor Ted Wheeler has allowed wholesale anarchy to run amok in the streets of Portland, Oregon, while using the attempts by President Trump to stop the violence as an excuse to call Trump an authoritarian dictator.

However, with the possibility of a change in administration it is no longer in the interests of the totalitarian state for random acts of violence to be associated with the severe-leftist cause.  As a result, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler now says Antifa violence cannot be tolerated any longer.  WATCH:

As Mamet said: “in order for the far-left to advance their ideology they must pretend not to know things”… As soon as their ability to deflect the pretense ends, they shift strategies and then deny they ever supported them in the first place.

All of that said, we know the real reason why Portland is changing direction.

Watch this:

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