No Peace in Pelosi’s 11th-Hour Trump Impeachment

America, you’ve been robbed blind by the Democrats; denied your day in court; denied your 1st Amendment rights and had the president you voted for denied the dignity of being able to leave the White Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJanuary 8, 2021

Although it was the last thing they expected, Trump supporters at Wednesday’s Stop the Steal Rally, had the tables turned on them by the Democrats’  11th-hour attempt for the Impeachment of their duly elected president.

Trump supporters who came out by the hundreds of thousands thought their rally was about Saving America from the results of a rigged 2020 election, were unaware that their gathering would be eclipsed by Antifa storming the U.S. Capitol—that the Democrats and media would turn around and blame on the president and them.

Within 24 short hours the rallying cry would morph from “Save America” to “Impeach Donald Trump” on his way out of the White House Door.

The first Impeachment attempt died a humiliating death on the Senate floor days before the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020. A coronavirus whose deaths—thanks to vice president Michael Pence would ultimately be blamed on President Trump.

(More on that down copy).

But the Impeachment corpse was dragged back from its grave one day after Wednesday’s Stop the Steal March in Washington, DC.

Some political tools never really die.

Pence, who turned his back on the president the same day as the rally was taking place left an opening for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called on Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows for the removal of President Trump if he is unable to discharge his duties. (Yahoo News, Jan. 7, 2020)

“If they fail to do so, she said the Congress “may be prepared to move forward with impeachment” against Trump for instigating rioters to attack the Capitol building on Wednesday.

“In calling for this seditious act, the president has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people,” Pelosi said. She called Trump “a very dangerous person who should not continue in office.”

“In the early hours of Thursday morning, the joint session of Congress completed the job of certifying Biden and Harris as the winners of the 2020 election. The two houses twice convened in separate sessions to consider objections to the electoral count in Arizona and Pennsylvania. After debate, both objections were defeated by overwhelming margins in the Senate and narrower margins in the House.

Why are the Democrats seeking to Impeach the President 12 days out from the Jan. 20 Biden-Harris inauguration?

Because vengeance is theirs and not the Lord’s, according to them.

“Meanwhile, the FBI and local police are reviewing video in an effort to identify and prosecute “Trump supporters” who trespassed in the Capitol building. (Yahoo)

Why aren’t they looking at identifying members of Antifa who were able to use scaffolding on the west side of the Capitol building—already in place for the Biden inauguration as their chief means to gain access for the melee?

Isn’t it because the Democrats and a compliant media had written “Trump supporters” large into the narrative and not on-the-loose anarchistic Antifa?

In this late in the game sabotage of a nation, has anyone else noticed how everything has come full circle two days after the insurrection supposedly called for by Trump and his supporters?


Served up on a platter to Fox News star Tucker Carlson one day after Wednesday’s ‘Insurrection at the Capitol’, President Donald Trump’s bloodied head.

Tucker Claims that Trump “recklessly encouraged” rioters. (The Hill, Jan. 7, 2021)

Carlson wasn’t the only one.  Last night the president was served up ‘Mrs. Nice’ advice by Laura Ingraham, suggesting that Trump ought to congratulate Joe Biden, and invite him over to the White House for a friendly visit.

Hard to drum up friendly feelings for Biden when the entire social media network blocks you from telling folk about how Election 2020 was stolen.

No mention from Ingraham, or any other Fox News talking head that this invite would be coming after Trump won the election in a landslide, had it successfully stolen from him—with the Supreme Court refusing to hear evidence, the Justice Department refusing to seriously investigate and the Democrats, along with Carlson blaming Trump for “INCITING” the assault in Congress and on and on.

As the horrors of the Wednesday mob were being repeatedly reported on by a complacent-with Democrats media, we were given to believe that Vice President Pence had suddenly turned on the president.

Uh huh.

“Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly enraged at President Donald Trump over the way he has acted this week in response to the 2020 election results, a Republican senator said. (The Blaze, Jan. 7, 2020)

“Oklahoma GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe reportedly had a “long conversation” with Pence Tuesday night, during which the normally cool-headed vice president conveyed acute frustration to him.

“I’ve known Mike Pence forever,” Inhofe told local news outlet Tulsa World Tuesday. “I’ve never seen Pence as angry as he was today.

Neither have we, Sen. Inhofe.  All we’ve seen is a bland, milquetoast Pence for the past four years, which turned out to be an excellent cover for his possible sabotage of the president with Dr. Tony Fauci.

“I had a long conversation with him,” Inhofe added. “He said, ‘After all the things I’ve done for [Trump].’” (Blaze)

Does this include doing Trump in, Sen. Inhofe?

“Over the last week, Trump pressured Pence to use his vice presidential power while presiding over a joint session of Congress Wednesday to block congressional certification of election results in battleground states. The president then publicly attacked Pence for not carrying out the action Wednesday. (Blaze)

As it turns out, Pence was sabotaging his boss as far back as last July.

‘Vice President Pence defends Fauci as White House sends mixed messages on health expert’

“WASHINGTON – Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday defended Dr. Anthony Fauci in public comments made soon after he tweeted out a photo of the two of them at the White House. (USA Today, July 15, 2020)

“Dr. Fauci is a valued member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force,” Pence said on a campaign call with reporters when asked about recent attacks on Fauci by others in the administration. “We just completed our latest meeting today and we couldn’t be more grateful for his steady counsel.”

“Stephen Moore, a conservative economist and a member of the president’s task force to reopen the economy, told USA TODAY he and his team at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity are compiling a policy memo to highlight Fauci’s record as a longtime government health official, claiming he’s been wrong on predicting the course of pandemics.

“He’s become a big problem for Trump because he keeps contradicting what the White House is saying,” Moore said.

America, you’ve been robbed blind by the Democrats; denied your day in court; denied your 1st Amendment rights and had the president you voted for denied the dignity of being able to leave the White House on his own.

Meanwhile, as the hyenas are yapping, with no media complaining about their country about to be swallowed whole by Communism, the Dems are promising a never-coming peace.

As we approach the “peaceful transition” for the Jan. 20 Biden-Harris inauguration, the Democrats and media have managed to cut off all complaints about how some 75 million Trump voters lost the power of their votes on Election Night.

That’s peace, typical Democrat style.

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