The Spirit of America, Second Installment, John Spiropoulos Reports From January 6th DC Rally

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 9, 2021 by Sundance

Friend of the Treehouse John Spriopoulos attended the January 6th rally in Washington DC and provides this second video report from the event. [First Report Here]

This is the second “Spirit of America” report “featuring people from across the USA who came to Washington to express concerns about the election and the restrictions on the personal liberties.”

“[W}e came away with stories reflecting the Spirit of America. Yes, we may be entering a Brave New World, but I’m comforted by the Rebel Alliance I know exists because I talked to them face to face from southern California to the Ellipse in DC.”

There may be a few more reports from John as he assembles, edits and presents more interviews from last week’s Washington DC event.  Additionally, John shares with us his plan to keep reporting on stops as he travels back to California from DC.  “On the way back across the country I’m going to resume the Let’s Roll America tour with a twist. The focus: COVID Compliance and how it’s wrecked the economy, lives and personal liberties. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears.”

You can support John at his GoFundMe-Here, as well as GiveSendGo-Here Also any CTH member who would like the opportunity to meet up with John for his cross-country video segments can contact him via his email address:


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