Twitter Suspends Voices of ‘Rebel Alliance’ Resistance Against JoeBama Agenda

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on January 20, 2021 by Sundance

While the JoeBama administration is being formally installed today, the advancement of Big Tech’s control against any voice in opposition continues.  Michelle Malkin, GateWay Pundit and RSBN Broadcasting were all removed from Twitter.

Simultaneously, in a stunning display showing the lack of actual support for the installation of the totalitarian regime, the streets of Washington DC were devoid of JoeBama supporters while 25,000 military troops were ordered to protect the illusion.

~ This picture gives the reality of the total crowd at the installation ~

WASHINGTON DC – Twitter suspended yet another stack of conservative accounts. This occurred less than two weeks after the hashtag “hang Mike Pence” was allowed to trend on the platform for a whole night and hit over 14,000 tweets.

On Tuesday, conservative activist Michelle Malkin took to Telegram to announce Twitter had locked her account without following typical protocol, which would require an explanation of the suspension and opportunity to delete posts violating Twitter policy.

[…] a spokesperson for Twitter confirmed Malkin’s 24-hour suspension on Tuesday in addition to that of accounts belonging to conservative media outlets Right Side Broadcasting Network and the Gateway Pundit. While the official cited violation of a civic integrity policy as the reason for the three suspensions, they did not specify which tweets defied the so-called guidelines. (read more)

Notice: No crowds, only troops and police…..

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