A Third Party is Needed Today!

In 2009 the Tea Party appeared as a result of the take over of the health care system by the Democrats. The result of the take over was we ended up with the Affordable Health Care Act which promised us major savings and better services with no more nasty insurance providers to deal with. Well what we actually got was much higher costs, crappy programs and dealing with a broken interface though the federal government to the doctors and the hospitals.

My wife and I participated in some of the protests in DC which were always peaceful and clean as we picked up all our trash. The Democrats and Republicans ignored us and did everything they could to stop the movement. And they were successful because we had no leader. So seven years later in 2016 when Trump announced he was a candidate for the office of the President and gave a speech as to why he was running we had no other choice available to us and latched onto him. And the rest is history.

We knew about the DC swamp but we had no idea that it wasn’t just the Democrats and their minions; it also involved most of the Republicans as well. Some call it the Uni-Party and I agree it is a single entity probably 65% Democrat and 35% Republican in my opinion. Neither party has any interest in their voters; their interests are their major Donner’s and how they can get government contracts to their extended families. On top of that any unspent campaign funds (which can be extensive after decades in office) can we transfer to their personal accounts after leaving office.

Trump made an valiant attempt to stop as much as he could of that corruption and that this the reason why they had to get rid of him by any means possible. That included the the FBI and the Russian collusion myth, the Muller report, the first impeachment (a distraction to get the Wuhan virus hidden), the Wuhan virus fraud driven by the evil Dr Fauci, and the second impeachment based on a fake insurrection narrative. There is no doubt in my mind that the deep state and Uni-Party planed the occupation of the United Sates Capital (building) where the the House and Senate meet on January 6, 2021. That movement was lead my leftist radicals posing as Trump supporters.

These previous four paragraphs would take a very long book or set of books to fully document and this is not the place for that. This short version is only to justify the needed third party.

There is only one way to save the Republic now after the 2020 election; and that is to form a new political party. the goal would be to get the citizens that were blue dog democrats, independents and the Trump republicans. In essence the MAGA collision. Lets assume that of the seventy five million that voted for trump comprise that core MAGA category, what would happen if Trump created the MAGA party and fifty million citizens switched to the new party! That would make the MAGA party bigger than the Republican party and maybe even bigger than the Democrat party.

That would make it possible for members in the House and Senate that were honest to also switch to the new party what ever its name was. That would give Trump a lot of say in the congress maybe even enough to stop what is being done.

We need to start this movement and pledge to support Trump in doing this. And by this post I do so. I thought I did in the previous post but as it turned out that FEC filing was not by Trump it was by someone pretending to be a Trump associate. This time I will restate what I wrote in that post since that was based on false information.

First, I state that I am no longer a Republican and I will not support any Republican nor give money to any Republican. I realize that there are good people in that old party but the top of the party is corrupt.

Second, I state that I will not vote vote for anyone in any of the two major party’s as neither are worth anything. Therefore, I will only vote for candidates in a new party only under Trumps leadership.

We need to get this message to Trump and for him to give up on the Republicans in DC they never did like him! And By The Way in the past 48 hours that original post of mine got over 7,100 views and lots of comments of support

If you agree with this post like it and pass it on

Most GOP Voters Say Trump Third Party Is a Good Idea While advisers to Donald Trump have denied this week that the former president is planning to organize a third party, most Republican voters think a separate Trump party would be a good idea.

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