Unsurprisingly, Mitch McConnell Backs Liz Cheney

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 1, 2021 by Sundance

The DeceptiCon crew will always cover for each-other.  They won’t fight the leftist onslaught, but if patriotic and conservative Americans ever point out the duplicity of a Decepticon member…. THAT will bring out the GOPe defense.

For historic reference a person only needs to remember what the DeceptiCon crew did amid the rise of the Tea Party.  They hated the Tea Party, and they hate MAGA; it’s the Same/Same.

“Liz Cheney is a leader with deep convictions and the courage to act on them,” McConnell said. “She is an important leader in our party and in our nation. I am grateful for her service and look forward to continuing to work with her on the crucial issues facing our nation.”   (read more)

This isn’t hard.  75+ million Americans voted to support President Donald J Trump.  More people supported President Trump than any Republican in history…. Enough with this nonsense, is simply enough!  We The People are not the problem, they are.

Support those patriotic and high-information voters, or don’t.  The DeceptiCon crew doesn’t. It’s time for them to leave.  Done-is-Done.

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