White House Press Office Requests Advance Notice of Questions For Jen Psaki

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 2, 2021 by Sundance

According to multiple sources first reported by the Daily Beast the JoeBama White House is using a familiar tactic to control reporters questioning.  As noted with the prior Democrat White House, the allied media are requested to participate in specific forms of narrative engineering by providing advanced notice of questions to be raised.

WASHINGTON DC – […] less than two weeks into President Joe Biden’s administration, reporters are raising concerns about White House press office staffers trying to get them to give advance notice on what questions they play to ask at briefings, The Daily Beast reported.

The issue with asking journalists for their questions ahead of time is that it could give the impression that the media is working in conjunction with the Biden administration, allowing officials time to craft good answers.

[…] According to The Daily Beast, reporters brought up the issue of Psaki’s team’s trying to coax their questions out of them ahead of time at a White House Correspondent’s Association Zoom call last Friday. (read more)

This approach by the White House does not come as a surprise.  While the media demand open access to spontaneous questioning for republican administrations’, the same standard does not apply toward democrats.  The White House knows this and uses it toward their benefit, applying access only to those who comply with the control demands.

Control is ultimately a reaction to fear.  The overarching theme of the JoeBama administration is fear-based.  Every action from within the JoeBama era will be based on this underlying fear.  The fear is about knowing their status is based on fraud…


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