Circle Back Jen

Re-Posted from FEB 4, 2021 AT 9:56 AMUnlocked

Jen Psaki is a career political hack. She worked as deputy press secretary in the Obama administration. Once Trump was elected she spewed propaganda on CNN.

Now that China Joe has been installed through election fraud, Psaki is back. She seems a perfect fit for the Biden regime. She seems unprepared, evasive, and untruthful. She has all the charm of a soulless and unblinking political shark that she is. Biden’s mouthpiece is now famous for her ‘I’ll circle back to you on that’ line, which has gone viral.

Psaki is a talking doll. Others pull her string and she then babbles proscribed and scripted lies. Jen makes a good face for the leftist media. She’s a socialist sycophant relaying talking points to other socialist sycophants. There is no journalism involved. It’s just one big circle jerk.

Orange woman bad!

—The GrrrTeam

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