Establishment Favorite Nikki Haley Digs Knife Into President Trump’s Back – “we shouldn’t have followed him”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 12, 2021 by Sundance

CTH has been warning about Nikki Haley ever since she asked Sarah Palin to help her win the South Carolina Governor’s race, and then stabbed Palin in the back with the most derisive negative commentary thereafter.  Haley would never have been governor without Palin; those who know politics know this is absolutely true…. And Haley is a snake.

Use the CTH site search tool function and type in “Nikki Haley” for the results.  Take a few Snickers bars because you are going to be there a while.

Why so much focus on Haley?

For the exact same reason CTH focused so heavily on Mitch McConnell; these are backstabbing liars of the highest order.  These are the snakes from the poem President Trump recited quite often….

…These Haley types are the scheming DeceptiCons.

Haley has no redeeming qualities if you are well versed in understanding the manipulative intents of the conniving big government, cocktail party, Wall Street republicans.  So it comes as no surprise for her to coordinate with Politico for the attack against President Trump during the insufferable impeachment fiasco.  There are no coincidences in politics:

POLITICO […] “I don’t think [Trump’s] going to be in the picture,” she said, matter-of-factly. “I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far.”

This was the most certainty I’d heard from any Republican in the aftermath of January 6. And Haley wasn’t done.

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” she said. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”  (read more)

What follows below I wrote in November of 2019.  I stand by it 100%, and have watched this conniving, manipulating liar who lies for years.

October 2019 – Nikki Haley purchased a $2.4 million home in Kiawah Island, Charleston county, South Carolina (link). Nikki Haley released her book “With All Due Respect” on November 12th (link). Mrs. Haley also took a position on the board of directors for Boeing Co, likely an extension of success for her prior efforts recruiting Boeing to the state. (link)

The board position, home purchase and book tour follows a very predictable pattern for those who follow GOPe politics closely. Indeed, there is speculation Nikki Haley was/is positioning for a 2024 presidential bid; speculation that generally aligns with the pattern.

However, there are some recent Big Club moves that indicate a slightly different timeline; perhaps a dual-purposed timeline. [All citations embedded] Ambassador Haley has launched a Super-PAC [FEC Registration ID C00679472] called “Stand For America“. SuperPAC’s are not required to file extensive information.

In addition Haley has launched a similarly named Stand For America website (LINK) with the accompanying 501-c(4) non-profit status; and launched the accompanying traditional source & social media affiliates [ YouTubeTwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram ] you would expect to see with an advanced political campaign.

It appears the registration for most of the activity is currently in New York, NY. In combination with the board and book it takes a team to manage the totality of the political network as constructed. That team means financing. The network has to get paid.

Now, at first blush – to the casual observer, this level of political apparatus would generally indicate an aspiring campaign infrastructure. However, two parts of the assembly are too advanced to be projecting a position five-years into the future.

(1) Putting a SuperPAC together, “Stand For America”, immediately requires a legal assembly while affording the benefit of unlimited donor contributions. Only at the point where the candidate declares an intent to run for office does a leadership PAC (more traditional) become the vehicle for limited campaign contributions; and a disconnect between the candidate and the SuperPAC becomes legally required.

(2) The more interesting aspect, that indicates a more earlier timed entry into elections, is the visibility of the RNC sharing the Trump donor base with Nikki Haley allowing Stand For America to start contacting Trump donors and requesting preliminary “registration” for support. If you have contributed directly to Donald Trump you are likely receiving email contacts from Nikki Haley via Stand For America right now.

Nikki Haley, via Stand For America’s initial use of the RNC provided database, appears to be requesting recipients to sign up or “register their support”; they are also providing the opportunity to donate directly to the SuperPAC. The infrastructure for donations is fully assembled. [Donations to qualified SuperPAC’s do not need to be reported to FEC]

It would be almost too proactive to have this advanced infrastructure for a 2024 race. The RNC data-sharing of the MAGA voter/donor files is also curiously early for a 2024 race.

Considering the abject lack of activity from RNC President Ronna McDaniel in actual electioneering work; and considering the failures (inactivity) of the RNC in the 2018 mid-terms and the 2019 elections; Ms. McDaniel’s only significant accomplishment has been the fundraising….
…And that fundraising is entirely because of people donating to President Trump.

The RNC is riding the coattails of President Trump’s ability to generate small donor support. The RNC database has grown ONLY because of the historic scale of small grass-roots donors to President Trump. Nothing RNC President Ronna McDaniel has done independently has contributed to the success of RNC fundraising. The RNC is notably absent in the actual ground-level work for local candidates; heck, many local races don’t even have a republican candidate (see Virginia).

So the questions are: Why is the RNC sharing the data-file of President Trump’s donors right now? Why is Ronna McDaniel giving future candidate Nikki Haley access to those valuable donor lists four years ahead of a Nikki Haley campaign?

One concerning answer to that question might be the current status of the impeachment effort. The email from Nikki Haley’s PAC actually seems to lean in that direction. They don’t mean to expose themselves, but they do.

Notice the contact subject line: “I will always stand with our president”… Then notice how the body of the contact has nothing to do with Nikki Haley supporting President Trump:

…Instead the body of the information is entirely about promoting Nikki Haley, it doesn’t mention President Trump even once.

If you decide to click on the link to “become a founding member”, again it takes you to the registration for Nikki Haley’s SuperPAC. Screengrab below:

Put it all together and there is a very nefarious picture from the Club.

As we said earlier; Haley would be crushed if she came out to challenge President Trump or was seen to be positioned against the MAGA voters. So Haley is doing what Haley does best, she is positioning her most immediate political self-interest to receive maximum benefit by riding in the Trump passenger seat.

If the DC UniParty is successful in eliminating, or fatally wounding President Trump, Haley will proclaim her support in an effort to replace him.

That’s how Haley works.

Haley is the female version of Mitt Romney.

Haley has a plan.

2024 if necessary, but 2020 if possible.

The RNC Club supports the plan.

OCTOBER 2018 – Ms. Haley comes from the political house of Prescott/Bush; hence the original Rubio support in 2016 etc. She is a political animal from the establishment wing.

Within the traditional political class the customary approach to a White House run is to gain about five years of wealth in advance of a presidential run. Haley would be following a wealth process for a 2024 presidential run.

During this wealth accumulation period the cocktail party circuit (the billionaire crowd) will front-load wealth, purchase homes and all expenses etc, for the future candidate. This ‘Five Year Plan‘ was the same historic approach done for Ronald Reagan.

With a candidate in the private sector, the professional donor-class make investments in the candidate while it is legal to do so. The investments are made in anticipation of future influence.  This is simply how money influences politics.

With the “Me Too” movement in high political value, the currency of Nikki Haley, as an investment candidate, is at the apex.  Haley checks the right boxes; she is making a predictable move to capitalize on that process, politics and timeliness.

The U.N., as an institution, is also in alignment with the high-brow Prescott Bush clan. Ms. Nikki Haley is regarded by this clan as a very valuable commodity. If they can’t get Jeb, or another Bush (ie. Rubio) over the finish line, they will be much better positioned with investments in Nikki Haley.

Due to the increasing success of the MAGA or Trump Republican apparatus, Haley will need to carefully position herself as a stealth Decepticon and not upset the vulgarian hordes; ie. the new republican party base voter. As a smart and tactical politician Haley will invest heavily in the optics of supporting the MAGA movement.

Much like the primary of 2016 (w/ Jeb), the primary race of 2024 will determine if Haley can con enough people into not seeing her elitist Decepticon position.

The Bush clan and professional political cocktail circuit was rebuked in 2016, so we can anticipate their strategy in 2024 will be with those strategic lessons at the forefront.

DeSantis = Closest to MAGA

Noem = MAGA-lite, with a twist of Koch

Haley = Purebreed Decepticon.  UniParty Establishment favorite.

Cruz = Controlled opposition used to draft Haley into the favorite lane.

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