Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy Believes Trump’s MAGA Movement is Over – Boy Are They In For A Surprise

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 14, 2021 by Sundance

After republican Senator Bill Cassidy voted to impeach President Trump the Louisiana leadership voted to censure the self-serving DeceptiCon.  Today Bill Cassidy appears on This Week to explain his vote.  In essence Cassidy voted to support the UniParty agenda because he feels the era of Trump is over…. the cocktail class republicans are looking forward to getting back to the corrupt system of Wall Street financed graft.

“I think [Trump’s] force wanes. The Republican Party is more than just one person.”

The GOPe fails miserably not only because they are just one wing of a UniParty bird, but also because at their core they operate in an isolated elitist echo-chamber.  The Democrats play lip-service to their base; however, the Republicans have never attempted to hide their disdain for middle America values and the working class conservatives.

Whether they are pundits or politicians claiming to hold values on the conservative side of the ideological spectrum, the reality is – to them the business, and financial value, of DC is their primary interest.  They really do not care about working class people…. this is the reality of the UniParty system.  Democrats lie about it, Republicans openly mock it… and the result is that no-one represents the middle-class or working-class patriot.

The largest voting bloc in the United States is an assembly of people, actual taxpayers, without any representation in government.  Thus the rise of the MAGA movement and Donald Trump to the presidency.  The overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans just don’t understand that dynamic; President Trump did.

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