Senator Mitch McConnell (The turtle) shows his true Colors!

Re-Posted from Def-Con News February 14, 2021

How do you say: “Two bit media whore,” and make it sound respectable? It’s not likely you can. But of course calling a spade a spade is the only appropriate thing to do, particularly in this situation.

The attached short media clip is one for the ages!

President Trump’s attorney, Michael van der Veen, comes to the defense of all Americans. Not just the President, not just Patriot Deplorables, but all Americans.

As reported on Red State, Saturday night van der Veen appeared on CBS News and was asked about Sen. Mitch McConnell’s comments after Trump’s acquittal.

McConnell had said that “President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,” and that President Trump is “still liable for everything he did during his period in office.”

When van der Veen was specifically asked whether he was surprised to hear such a serious rebuke from the leader of the Republican party in the Senate, his expression, tone, and words said it all.

The media clip is a Must Watch! But, in a nut shell, the attorney’s response: “I’m not surprised to hear a politician say anything at all. No.”

Blank stare. The CBS News anchor, Lana Zak, wasn’t quite sure how to continue after the reply. She decided to move forward and attempt to “gotcha” van der Veen, and it doesn’t go well for her after that.

Again, the above media clip is a Must Watch!

What say you Def-Con News readers? Attorney Michael van der Veen represents the vast majority of Americans who just want the pompous, self-important pundits, journos, “experts” and politicians to begin acting ethically responsible and do their jobs for a change.

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