Cycle of War Book Nearly Sold Out Again

Armstrong Economics Blog/Products and Services Re-Posted Feb 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

We will try to make another printing of the Second Edition of the Cycle of War & the Coronavirus ASAP. For some reason, it just seems my books sell out very fast. Not exactly sure why.

We will have Manipulating the World Economy 5th edition out very shortly. I am finishing the Geometry of Time (in the final editing stage)The Discovery of the Business Cycle (ECM), and the Birth of Free Markets (probably 5 volumes covering post-Dark Age to today). Since traveling is not in the cards in 2021, it looks like having my feet on the ground will allow me to finish what I have been trying to get out for these past few years but gets delayed by various demands. Since I will not take the vaccine, I suspect I will not see Europe again at least until the present form of government remains in power.

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