Is There a Reason U.S. Media Pushing Weird “Biden Plays Mario Kart” Story?

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 16, 2021 by Sundance

If you closely follow the way leftists engineer narratives, specifically when they choose to push a particularly innocuous aspect, you can usually spot an ulterior motive.

In this example several media outlets are really pushing a story about Joe Biden playing the Mario Kart video game with his granddaughter.

It’s just weird…

NEWSWEEK – How did Joe Biden relax during his first Presidents Day weekend as president? By playing MarioKart with his family.

During his weekend retreat at Camp David, Biden and his granddaughter Naomi played the racing video game, and he won. Naomi shared a video to Instagram that showed Biden competing against her on the Arcade GP DX machines, complete with chairs and steering wheels.

Biden sat on the right as Luigi, and Naomi is Princess Peach on the left, GameRant noted. Despite not being at the same gaming level as his granddaughter, the commander-in-chief came out victorious.(READ MORE)

However, if one accepts there’s always a reason for this kind of stuff deep in the details, you might wonder if this isn’t part of an *anti-dementia* effort of narrative building from the WH press office.  Sound crazy?  Actually there’s a reason for that question…

According to scientists the specific Super Mario game could help prevent dementia in patients with symptoms.  Specifically playing Super Mario video games for two months “can improve brain function and help forestall dementia symptoms.” (LINK)

Given that everything around Joe Biden is a Potemkin village, it would not be surprising for the White House to attempt to cover Biden’s cognitive declines and ask the friendly media to report on the video-game issue in a friendly manner…. as a way to water-down the troublesome part of a President losing his marbles.

Biden may not have lost all his marbles, but there’s definitely a hole in the bag.

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