Cuomo Lied, People Died.

Re-Posted from FEB 17, 2021 AT 10:53 AM

New York’s tyrannical Governor Andrew Cuomo is reaping what he sowed.

Finally politicians from both parties are standing up to condemn Cuomo’s actions during the plannedemic and beyond. Cuomo sentenced nursing home residents to their deaths by sending covid patients into New York’s care centers. Then the spot light loving Governor had the audacity to lie about hiding the true number of nursing home deaths from the Feds.

Cuomo once again held a smug press conference and said the truth was “Political spin” and that his lies were “facts”.  Cuomo was caught red handed and CNN, of course, is ignoring the entire scandal.  His narcissistic brother Chrissy Cuomo, who hosts his own CNN show, has not made once remark about his brother’s scandals, and don’t expect him to report any news that would sully the Cuomo name.

Of course, the black hearted Governor made jaw dropping comments about the deaths of New York nursing home residents;

“Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”

Like we said before, the Democrats hate you. All they care about is power and money.

Of course Cuomo continues to blame the Trump administration for all his blunders. It’s a bottomless well that he goes to again and again, drawing buckets of excuses for his covid debacles.

Cuomo’s feet should be held to the fire. He needs to be recalled just like his fellow tyrant California Governor Gavin Newsom. On Monday, Cuomo did acknowledge withholding the pandemic New York nursing home death tolls from lawmakers and the public, but fell short of an apology.

Of course Cuomo will not apologize.  So what that people died, who cares?

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