Welcome To Joe’s Town

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphics.com FEB 19, 2021 AT 7:18

Jonestown had a big sign hanging in their main pavilion. It read, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

We may be repeating the mass suicide that occurred there—only on a much grander scale. Too many people worship Father Government who resides at his statist Temple in Washington D.C. Father Government tells them to worship science—at least, his corporate version of it.

Jim Jones rejected the Bible and told his people that socialism was the only answer.

Similarly, Father Government wants Christians persecuted and socialism embraced. He tells his people how to live their lives down to the smallest detail. In exchange, the people receive safety and security. They are relieved of the burden of thinking for themselves. Father Government and his socialist media loudspeakers tell people what to think. The people no longer have to deal with the stress of freedom.

Non-believers are shunned. Those not embracing Father Government’s preaching are called ‘terrorists.’ They are a threat to the people. They even had the gall to invade the sacred socialist Temple! They are a threat to Father Government! Therefore it’s okay to shoot them. Or, at the very least, censor them.

To be sure, Father Government abuses his people. He makes them do ridiculous things such as wear masks. He forces young people to fight in useless wars where they are maimed and killed. He shuts down their small businesses. He keeps their children out of school. He lies to them. He steals from them by means of taxes. Big tithes must be sent sent to the IRS, which helps grow the statist Temple. Yet despite his abusive nature, Father Government is always forgiven because he cares so deeply for his people.

Until he doesn’t.

Father Government now wants a big reset in order to bring about an Earthly paradise. There are too many people on Earth and they’re mucking up his plans. He now forces his people to pray that science will save them. Father Government has donned a sacred robe and it looks just like a lab coat. He is waving his vaccination needle talisman in a rapturous manner. He has a plan to end fear. All you have to do is obey. Don’t question science. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist! Save the Earth! Get the jab!

Unfortunately, too many haven’t realized that Father Government has gone completely insane. Jim Jones isolated his people in a remote jungle and used fear to get them to obey his nutty pronouncements. Father Government has done the same. At the end, Jim Jones promised to take their fear away by means of ‘revolutionary suicide.’

Father Government is now telling us to do as we’re told and get the shot. It will extinguish our fear. Along with our lives.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid and don’t take the jab.

—Ben Garrison

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