“Citizen Cattle 2021”

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphics.com FEB 21, 2021 AT 11:32 AM

Same as it ever was…

Citizen cattle was published nearly 6 years ago. Many agreed with it then and more agree with it now. Sadly, many remain asleep and will continue to do whatever an overreaching government tells them.

There’s no way I could have known about a phony pandemic and a deadly mRNA vaccine back then, but vaccines are becoming mandatory. In Germany, elderly people in nursing homes have been forcibly held down and given the vaccine. Increasingly, the corporate poison injection will be necessary for travel or even employment.

The centi-billionaires who run the world are running their Agenda 30 game plan. It is their ‘Great Reset’ and their favorite word is ’sustainable.’  What they really mean by that word is ‘control.’

Total control.

They want to to control our food supply, our movement, our income, and even our free speech. Those who own the global mega corporations already control our government. They will force people out of the countryside and into major cities. They’ve already destroyed countless small businesses and raked in more mega billions of dollars by doing it. They want a high tech global prison for us and they expect us to build it for them. Stop participating!

They want socialism because they know it will impoverish us. We will be forced to bend to their will. They want us to obey in order to get government handouts. They will confiscate our guns and remaining freedoms. As long as they pull the strings of power, we will be fed their GMO foods, drink fluorides in our water supply, and face medical tyranny.

It wasn’t difficult to list the problems we face in cartoon form. It’s far more difficult to list the solutions. We must resist if we are to buy time to find those solutions. Meanwhile, do not wear their masks. Do not take their foul vaccines. Do not eat their GMO foods or drink their fluoride. Do not readily give relinquish your freedom or your guns.

Joe Biden is not a lawfully-elected president. Resist!

—Ben Garrison

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