Georgia ‘Professionally Political’ Republicans Blame-cast Base for Senate Election Result, A Great Example of the GOPe Disconnect

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 23, 2021 by Sundance

[Hat Tip John Fredricks, for the meeting particulars]  The Forsyth County, Georgia, republican party held a meeting to discuss why their senate candidates failed to win the run-off election in January.  The screenshot of their justification is a case study in why the republican apparatus fails, and why the challenge to reform the party is so difficult.

First, it is important to filter through what is described as the “Tea Party” support base within the professional republican apparatus.  Genuine Tea Party outlooks are in total alignment with the MAGA perspectives of Donald Trump.  However, there are elements within the republican party that are more traditionally GOPe-minded and yet assign themselves to the outlook of the Tea Party. There is a difference, but more on that in a moment.  Here’s how the Forsyth County political activists are explaining:

Notice, the Forsyth County GOP blame-cast against the base of voters by identifying people they view as outside the party interest.  They blame libertarians, populists, Trump, Steve Bannon, John Fredricks and even the candidates themselves which includes Doug Collins for being too outside the base of voter enthusiasm.  This view tells us what the mindset of the internal republican network in Forsyth County is !!

Do not just dismiss their justification as presented.  CTH warned in 2014 and 2015 this ideological outlook, this disconnect from the reality of the base, would lead to a big problem…. and it has.  I shall provide a concrete example below of just how dangerous this fracture is within our constitutional republic.  The reason we need more trumpet.

As a person who has traveled extensively in the past decade+ to engage the base of middle-class support that represents MAGA, I can attest that the disconnect between the republican party apparatus and the base of voters they depend on is a severe problem. Without correction… there is no alternative other than to create a THIRD party.

Let me provide one of the best examples of this disconnect between the professional republican party and the base.  This disconnect is most visible amid the professionally republican elites in Washington DC.  However, this disconnect also flows downstream into the local party apparatus on a precinct-by-precinct level.  The issue represented is immigration; but the disconnect applies to a much larger group of policies in addition to immigration.

In 2014 the Republicans in the Senate (successfully) and then the House (almost successfully) passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that included amnesty for all illegal aliens.  The bill would have passed the Republican controlled House, if it was not for the primary defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor literally 48 hours before the House vote was to take place.  {GO DEEP}

The shockwave from the Cantor defeat was so severe, all fence-sitting republicans (and remember a lot of them were from the Tea Party wave of 2010) backed away from their vote to support the immigration bill.  The Senate amnesty bill died the night Cantor lost his primary challenge by Tea Party member Dave Brat.

The conservative base of the republican party, the middle-class worker/voter, did not want open-ended immigration and yet another amnesty bill.  The MAGA base was being destroyed by these policies, but the GOPe was/is disconnected and did not care.

The DC republican party was brought to the immigration table by the main GOP funder and benefactor, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Wall Street wanted more cheap labor; the BIG Agriculture lobby wanted more cheap labor; the conservative pundit class of the media which included Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and the entire Salem Media network, supported the U.S. CoC objective.  It was an insiders game, but the base of voters did not support the objective…. hence, Cantor was defeated.

The GOPe is an institutional apparatus.  In order to be a republican politician the candidate must never challenge the policies that stem from their source of funding.  In the above example it was the U.S. CoC and President Tom Donohue; y’all are very familiar with him.

The key point is the club, from the precinct captains to the Speaker of the House within the party, have certain policy positions that are controlled by the party, the RNC club.

Money is the currency of influence within any club; remember that.  Do not dismiss this as a broad truism that can be dispatched without thoroughly contemplating how this dynamic pertains when considering how to take over an established political party.  Remember the opposition to Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016?  This monetary aspect is the key part of the opposition.

Because money is the currency of club influence, the patriarchs who provide the majority of club funding are in control of club policy.   This reality was the cause of the biggest political conflict in history.  President Trump represented the base, the RNC represented the donor class, the political elites…. those who controlled the club.   Obviously, you can see in hindsight why the conflict was so consequential and so severe.

Back to the disconnect example…  As an aspect of party policy the politicians in DC cannot advocate for any policy that is outside the RNC club charter.  The RNC is funded by Wall Street, corporate multinationals and large conglomerate interests. [The DNC is also, but for now I am focusing on the RNC.]

Because seventy percent of political funding inside the United States political apparatus stems from the exact same place, we see both parties essentially advocating for the same policies.  Thus we call this process the UniParty.  Wall Street interests are funding both RNC and DNC clubs; so obviously those interests will be supported by each wing of the political apparatus.  Corporatism is determining policy for both parties.  See the problem?

Now…. watch is video carefully and contemplate what Mick Mulvaney is saying in 2014 during the time that Wall Street and the U.S. CoC was paying the Republican party to deliver on a policy objective.  Listen to how Mick Mulvaney describes the situation to the base, the highly engaged base, in South Carolina.  This video is important.  WATCH:


Notice how Mulvaney is ¹selling the exact same narrative you have heard from almost all professional DC republicans.  You might also overlay the Georgia power-point screen grab here and see how both are examples of the party perspective.

Mulvaney was trying to convince the base on behalf of the professionally political.  The Forsyth County GOP is essentially doing the same thing.  Both messages are intended to convince the base of support to turn-away from what their heart, mind and gut is telling them as the approach needed; and both messages are trying to convince the base to support policy against their interests by reframing their interests.

Put another way the abuser is telling the abused to trust them… they know better.

However, in contrast to what Mick Mulvaney was espousing in 2014, a little more than a year later candidate Donald Trump came down the elevator and said the exact opposite.  Trump said what was true, not what corporations were paying him to say.

Trump said: ‘vote for me and  I will build a wall’, the exact opposite of what Mulvaney was telling the base of support.

Donald Trump knew by limiting the entry level workforce inbound into the U.S. there would be upward wage pressure and a restoration of the middle-class worker.  Trump knew making America great again required ‘America First’, not Wall Street first.

The difference between Donald Trump supporting the American worker, and the Republican Party supporting corporate owners, is the same disconnect that exists today.  The majority of voters support Trump.  You can see this empirical outcome in the 2020 general election.

No other republican candidate would have been able to get that scale of support because all other republicans are essentially part of the professional party apparatus; and that means their positions (insert Nikki Haley here) would represent a wing of a UniParty instead of an entirely new political bird.

The Georgia run-off was lost because the only voting option was for another set of uniparty candidates. At the same time, both wings of the UniParty were attacking President Trump.  Voters were turned-off by Perdue and Loeffler because they saw through the manipulation…. so they stayed home because: ‘what difference does it really make’?

Lastly, it is important to reflect on the local republican party outlook.  As you can see in the Forsyth County power-point they are disconnected from the republican voters within the area.  When you contemplate the scale of having to change the outlook and personnel of thousands of Republican precincts around the nation, you begin to realize what a monumental task it is to attempt to reform the republican party from the inside.

That my friends is why a new political party may be the only option.


¹ Also contemplate how Mick “cantaloupes’ Mulvaney could have carried that perspective and yet still worked as OMB Director for President Trump’s MAGA policy.

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