Adam Kinzinger, GOP Will Be A Minority Party Forever Supporting Trump

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 24, 2021 by Sundance

Adam Kinzinger is an Illinois Republican who plants his flag as the primary DeceptiCon in the House. Kinzinger is the first person the CNN narrative engineers call when they want an anti-MAGA voice to manipulate the audience. In essence, Kinzinger is the worst kind of DeceptiCon because his efforts are intentional – he is working for the leftist movement.

In a recent CNN interview, Kinzinger once again went on the attack against President Trump and the MAGA community of supporters.

(The Hill) – Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) is amping up his calls for the party to split with former President Trump, arguing Republicans won’t take back the majority if they continue to embrace his brand.

“I don’t know what that looks like, all I know is I can rest with real peace knowing that I’m going to fight as hard as I can to get a normal functioning Republican Party,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday night. (read more)

Kinzinger represents one of the problems with attempting to reform the Republican party from the inside.  The state party club members (UniParty affiliates) know the best way to keep the donor class supported; and retain the approved political members who advance club goals; is to structure the party rules to support people like Kinzinger.

The state RNC chapters support Kinzinger types by pushing astroturf candidates as challengers.  They are effective using the splitter strategy as a weapon.  Kinzinger will likely face numerous primary challengers; however, each primary challenger only helps to split the anti-Kinzinger vote and thereby assist his re-election.  This is a strategy deployed by the club apparatus.  It is challenging to defeat this insurance strategy.

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