Newsmax and Twitter Suspend Emerald Robinson for Vaccine Wrongthink

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 9, 2021 | Sundance | 218 Comments

Comrades, Emerald Robinson is a journalist who works for Newsmax as a White House corespondent.  However, Emerald Robinson is also a free thinker who challenges communal orthodoxy and rebels against groupthink.  In short, Mrs. Robinson is a subversive voice who refused to correct her thoughts and become a stenographer for the regime.

As a result of her failure to comply with the correct thinking necessary for good citizenship, her employer, Newsmax, has suspended her tenure.  Apparently Mrs. Robinson did some research into the COVID-19 vaccination ingredients and posted her results in a substack article {SEE HERE}.

The Ministry of COVID Compliance was not happy with Mrs. Robinson and requested she attend further re-education {SEE HERE}.

The compliance division of Thought, Wellness, Information, Transitional Training and Enhanced Re-education (aka ‘TWITTER’), attempted to control the public broadcast of wrongthink and suspended her account.  Unfortunately, dissident Robinson remained non-compliant and initial re-education efforts failed to produce the intended results {SEE HERE}.

The monitors within the Thought, Wellness, Information, Transitional Training and Enhanced Re-education platform were forced to make the subversive suspension permanent, thereby ensuring the wrongful expressions did not create collateral damage or extend the transmission of unapproved vaccine information {SEE HERE}.

Emerald Robinson Continues on Substack Here

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