Pelosi’s January 6th Committee Files Subpoenas Against Ten More Trump Administration Officials – Democrat Targeting of Political Opposition Continues

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Watching what happens in the orbit of the January 6th Committee is how we can tell which Republicans are part of the UniParty in Washington DC, and who is willing to stand for the freedom of our republic.   Watching the Republican party as a whole; watching who stands against this committee effort; and watching who is actively or willfully blind in their alignment with the J6 objective, is a key *tell*.

The DC apparatus -writ large, but especiallly the Fourth Branch operators- viewed candidate Donald J. Trump, and President Trump, as a risk.  Donald Trump was always an existential threat to a corrupt U.S. government system that contains both Democrats and Republicans in the ranks of the power system.  That viewpoint is why former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe famously outlined the objective in the run up to the 2016 election (check the date):

Plouffe, who had moved on to become an executive with Uber at the time, used the false allegations of racism and labels like “nativist” to trigger the Democrat and left-wing foot soldiers.   The accusations against Trump were always strategic, and the media allies were willing to assist.  However, the real issue the system feared more than anything else was the economic nationalism that Donald Trump carried in his policy proposals.

After eight years of the Obama team attempting to destroy nationalism in favor of globalism, their response to Trump’s “America First” popularity made sense.  Donald Trump was positioned to deconstruct almost a decade of Obama-era policy which was specifically intended to diminish American value, economically and socially.

The far-left was in a state of panic; however, it was a panic felt by both the Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC.   Politicians within the UniParty were direct financial beneficiaries from the Wall Street multinational corporate strategies which underpinned Obama’s economic outlook.

That’s why there was so much opposition to candidate Trump from the GOP establishment. That’s also why so many Republicans abandoned their re-election efforts in 2018 in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s successful election outcome in 2016.  Masks were dropping at an alarming rate inside the RNC as well as traditional GOP media and GOP politicians on Capitol Hill.

Wall Street was essentially unable to manipulate the America First economic policy agenda of President Trump.  Their lack of influence applied to all aspects of policy from Climate to Trade and in U.S. geopolitical strategy.

Evidence of their inability was found in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce being locked out of the White House trade and policy discussions.  That is why you currently see the U.S. CoC in alignment with, and funding the campaigns of, congressional Democrats.

It was Donald Trump, and Donald Trump alone, who changed the economic outlook of the Republican party from Globalism to Nationalism.  The economic policy is essentially the cornerstone of what we now call the MAGA agenda.  Trump gave voice to the forgotten blue-collar workforce, the middle class and the silent majority of the American electorate.

This MAGA coalition cuts through gender, race, creed and national origin.  The MAGA agenda lifts up all workers at a much more significant rate than any previous economic policy.  The results were obvious and only took a few months to begin surfacing as the U.S. economy was unleashed to the benefit of the working class.

Under the America First agenda, blue -collar wages were increasing, investment in U.S. jobs was growing, multinationals started putting more investment into the U.S., and instead of dividing up a diminishing economic pie, we were creating new economic pies at an exceptional rate.  All of this activity benefited Main Street for the first time in decades.  Trump had the right solutions and was executing policies to the benefit of the U.S. workforce.

Unfortunately, that outcome -that success- is exactly why those who held control over the economic system in the U.S. hated him so much.  All of their years of pontificating about policy and outcomes immediately were showcased as political lies and false manipulations; because the common sense Trump agenda showed how quickly the U.S. could benefit if benefiting the U.S. was actually the goal.

Ultimately, this big picture truth is why Trump needed to be destroyed.  This is also why they still hate him.  The America First agenda sits there as a hot ember just waiting to be reignited again.  Everything Donald Trump did is easily duplicated again because MAGA is really a simple set of policies that benefit the U.S. and no one else.

There is no other politician in the U.S. public policy sphere who can blow on that ember, because the Wall Street community will not allow any GOP politician to get near it to start the re-ignition.  Independent Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness are antithetical to the Wall Street/Multinational agenda which is based on a principle that America is consigned to being a service driven economy.

Globalists have an agenda.  Globalists need control over the political mechanisms.  Globalists, massive multinational corporations and the politicians they fund, had been winning the fight against nationalism for decades.  Those who assemble at the World Economic Forum were giving instructions to the political heads on policy, and the politicians were/are following their orders.    Donald J. Trump was a threat to that, and he still is.

THAT is the larger context for why Nancy Pelosi and Bennie G. Thompson are using the January 6th Committee as a weapon against the MAGA movement {Go Deep}.  That larger dynamic is exactly what is happening.  From their DC perspective, just like David Plouffe shared in 2016, this fight is a zero-sum battle.

The urgency behind the horrific outcomes of the Biden policy agenda is due to their desperation to keep MAGA policy shut down.  That’s the “must not rise again” part of the Plouffe admonishment, and it continues today:

Watch the Republican responses to this January 6th Committee.

Accept that any GOP member who supports the agenda of Pelosi and Thompson is on the side of those who seek our destruction.

Watch the globalists inside the current Republican Party.

Watch the people you know Wall Street controls, like Nikki Haley et al.

Accept there is no other candidate the UniParty fears EXCEPT Donald J. Trump.  When you look at the economics of globalism -vs- nationalism, it is clear to see bold contrasts between Wall Street and Main Street.

Main Street has been under attack for years, and it was only Donald Trump who stopped that onslaught.   Donald J. Trump, the individual person, is the only current person who has the outlook to ensure that America First is the policy that keeps the United States from collapsing into a socialist nightmare.

MAGAnomics is the beginning and end of MAGA policy.  There is no other candidate visible right now who has the capability to carry the America First torch and keep the America First policy at the center of their focus.  That is why they still need to eliminate Donald Trump.

WASHINGTON (AP) — House investigators have issued subpoenas to 10 more former officials who worked for Donald Trump at the end of his presidency, an effort to find out more about what the president was doing and saying as his supporters violently stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in a bid to overturn his defeat.  (read more)

Fight like MAGA is the third monkey on the ramp of Noah’s ark….

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