Biden Announces COVID Treatment Plan That Mirrors Action Plan of Governor Ron DeSantis

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 2, 2021 | Sundance | 221 Comments

Earlier today, the White House occupant read a new script put into his teleprompter.  The purpose of the script is to outline a new set of federal actions to combat COVID-19 [WH Readout Here].  Within the script prepared for him, the authors noted a new treatment approach that is identical to the COVID mitigation plan put into place by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Biden is proposing federal rapid response teams to set up regional sites where monoclonal antibody treatments can be delivered by outpatient staff.  The quick response teams and regional monoclonal antibody treatment sites have been in place in Florida for almost eight months.  During his script reading, the White House occupant did not want to give credit to the DeSantis approach, but the federal mitigation protocol is identical.  WATCH:

Not noted in the White House outline, but noted in the background phone call yesterday {link}, there is a slightly revealing new bribery policy to actually pay physicians to push vaccines into children through the use of Medicaid and CHIP funds:  “Medicaid and CHIP — the Children’s Health Insurance Program — will start paying healthcare providers to talk to families about the importance of getting their kids vaccinated.”  {link}

The federal government really wants kids to get the jabs, and HHS is now willing to pay doctors for the specific time they spend pushing the propaganda.  This is anecdotal, but when inquires were made about this approach to people familiar with the bureaucracy of the medicaid program, one explanation for the federal push on children was explained this way.   There are immediate adverse outcomes from the vaccine for a high number of specific age-groups.  The risk within the aggregate adverse outcome statistic can be mitigated (ie lowered) by expanding the total number of vaccinations using age groups with less likelihood of immediate adverse outcomes.

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