One Day After Biden Says No Shortages Except Cabbage Patch Dolls, NBC Reports on a National Shortage of Chicken

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 2, 2021 | Sundance | 338 Comments

Yesterday the White House occupant equivocated any current supply chain shortages to the 1980’s Christmas shortage of Cabbage Patch dolls {link}.  According to the White House narrative there are no shortages of essential products other than a few hard to find non-essential toys.

Obviously, that level of executive office propaganda is intended to gaslight a national audience into questioning themselves when they see shortages of highly consumable products like pet food and grocery store items.  Unfortunately for the White House the supply chain issues are of such widespread frequency even the allied narrative engineers cannot ignore them.   NBC reported that chicken tenders are “in short supply” at stores and restaurants as President Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis persists, during a segment on NBC’s “Today”  on 12/2/2021.

Strange how there’s no shortage of Marijuana in the supply chain…. And no, you are not crazy if you notice these things.

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