Arizona Police Taze Desperate Parents Outside Elementary School During Lockdown

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 13, 2022 | Sundance

This is exactly what many people predicted would happen after the Uvalde school shooting in Texas, and the horrific police response.

With the Uvalde police response fresh on their minds, parents showed up in El Mirage, Arizona after the elementary school was locked down.  Apparently, an armed man tried to gain entry to the school.  The police were following their lockdown protocols and would not let the arriving parents into the building.

Scuffles with law enforcement began breaking out as desperate parents wanted to protect and save their kids.  Subsequently, police opened fire on the parents with tasers then began arresting them.

This is what happens when parents do not trust law enforcement.  After the horrific events in Uvalde, where the police just stood around while the kids were being killed, many people asked, ‘what happens next time’? Well, here are the consequences surfacing in Arizona:

Arizona – Several parents were shot with a Taser outside a school in Arizona on Friday while it was under lockdown, police said.

The El Mirage Police Department said in a statement on Facebook that Thompson Ranch Elementary School was placed on lockdown following a report that a male subject had tried to enter the school around 10:30 a.m. with a firearm.

“School staff contacted law enforcement and immediately implemented lockdown protocol,” the post read.

Police said that as law enforcement arrived, the person with the gun fled the premises. During the lockdown, officers began clearing the campus of any threats. A package had arrived on the scene, but it was deemed safe by explosives technicians.

“As officers continued to work on clearing the campus, parents began to arrive on [site] at the school. Several attempted to force entry into the buildings past officers. It was at this time that a male began an altercation with officers. Two other individuals joined in the altercation,” police wrote.

“Officers deployed Tasers, taking the three into custody. One person taken into custody was in possession of a handgun,” they added.

[…] The identities of the parents who were shot with a Taser were not immediately clear. NBC News reported that two of the three parents were shot with a Taser and that all three — two men and one woman — were arrested.

El Mirage police Lt. Jimmy Chavez said one of parents who was shot with a Taser was brought to the hospital to be treated for injuries, according to the network. (read more)

I mean really, can you blame the parents?

The police really need to reevaluate their community protocols accepting that a large number of parents are not going to accept, ‘sit and wait’…

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