Big Picture, Review all DC Activity from June 3rd with New Eyes

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 13, 2022 | Sundance

As many people start to recognize, perhaps some for the first time, the scale of corrupt DC activity, specifically as it surfaces in the unprecedented August 8 raid of President Trump’s home, it is important to emphasize a point.

As noted by President Trump and numerous lawyers in/around his office, the U.S. Dept of Justice and FBI visited Mar-a-Lago on June 3, 2022, to review presidential documents kept in storage boxes there.  After that visit the next contact with DOJ and FBI officials was the raid on August 8th.

With this timeline in mind, and knowing how the DC administrative deep state operates, all current evaluations must consider these dates carefully.   Many people have puzzled over why the DOJ and FBI waited. Good question.  However, the better question is…

…What was DC doing between June 3 and August 8?

The original exploration of Mar-a-Lago took place before the first J6 hearing ever happened.  The first J6 hearing took place June 9, a week after the DOJ and FBI initially went to Mar-a-Lago.  Do not be naive.  Intellectual honesty would accept the results of that June 3rd review were part of the larger Trump targeting dynamic.

Do not rush yourself.  Take the time to re-review all of the activity inside those dates.  Do not think only about the Joe Biden administration or the democrats who have already exposed their intent.  Remember, anti-Trump targeting is NOT a partisan issue.  The republican powerbrokers in the DC system have facilitating motives just like Democrats. This is a UniParty aspect.

For the sake of transparency, as an identified J6 target CTH had encounters with the J6 investigators during this timeframe.  However, that is ancillary -and obscure- to the larger point, but it does give us a ‘sense’ of what the priorities of the DC system were -and their expressed sense of urgency- at the time.

The Trump targeting is not a democrat -vs- republican issue.  The two political clubs hold an almost identical vested interest, albeit admittedly one side needs to publicly pretend they are not assisting.

We must always remain aware; this is national political power at its highest and most corrupt level.  There are trillions at stake for the interests of both clubs.  Donald Trump represents a unique threat to all DC stakeholders.

All future posts on this issue are likely to be password protected.   However, in the interim the primary point today is to contemplate what you see unfolding against the backdrop that each political club Washington DC is operating in their own interest, and in their unified interest.  Some coordination is almost certain.

That said, the power interests on the republican side of the equation had full knowledge of what the intents and motives were of the DOJ/FBI following that June 3rd visit to Mar-a-Lago.  Republican political interests operated within that window, June 3rd to August 8th, to establish the current political landscape.

On the Democrat side of the club, they began the J6 committee offensive a week later, June 9th….

…. But what did the Republican side of the club do, to capitalize in advance on what they knew was coming?

This is the context for looking around at current events on the GOPe side of the equation.  You avoid battered conservative syndrome when you look back upon the path you have followed without knowing who paved it and why.  What did the republican club do, and plan to roll out, between June 3rd and this week?

The republicans knew what was coming.

We have been through too much together, we have documented far too much together, to pretend these DC operations are organic or partisan.

Everything that has happened since June 3, 2022, needs to be look at with new eyes.

I do mean everything, including the actions, scheduled activity, and responses from the professional political class to these recent events.  The actions of all political candidates need to be re-reviewed, while looking at the timeline with new eyes.

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