Title 42 to End – Border Crisis is About to Explode

Armstrong Economics Blog/Migration Re-Posted May 10, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Donald Trump noted in his interview with Nigel Farage that the US is expected to receive as many illegal immigrants as the population of NYC. The immigration problem is out of control and there is absolutely no way that the current economy can host such a large influx of undocumented people. Trump implemented Title 42 in March 2020 to curb “mass uncontrolled cross-border movement,” that allowed the government to expel migrants to prevent the spread of COVID.

The CDC and other agencies agreed to Title 42 and it was accepted by both parties. Between March 2020 and January 2023, over 2.7 million migrants were expelled from the US under this temporary law. Trump expelled 69% of migrant families who entered between March 2020 to January 2021. Biden expelled only 20% of migrant families under his term. Millions of people have entered America illegally under Biden, and thousands have died trying to enter America under the false promise that they can seek asylum here. These people cannot simply return to Mexico since millions are not even Mexican citizens. Certain countries, such as Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua, refuse to accept the deportations of their own citizens. Simply put, these people are stuck with nowhere to go.

Title 42 is set to end on May 11 as COVID is no longer a public health emergency. Vice President Harris is in charge of overseeing the border crisis but has not offered any potential solutions. In fact, she insists that the border is safe and secure whenever she’s questioned. Reports state that tens of thousands of migrants are waiting at the US-Mexico border and plan to enter after May 11. Troy Miller of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) anticipates 10,000 illegal crossings per day once Title 42 ends, but others are predicting a larger influx. Biden stationed an additional 1,500 troops along the 2,000-mile border, but they’re completely outnumbered. The situation is unmanageable and there will be consequences in the coming weeks as towns are overrun with undocumented illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has focused all of its resources on securing Ukraine’s border and has abandoned the crisis at home.

Payback For Backstabbing – Lee Zeldin Endorses President Donald Trump

Posted originally on the CTH on April 24, 2023 | Sundance 

A well-timed counterpunch against the duplicitous backstabbing by Ron DeSantis that took place in August of 2022 is delivered by former New York Congressman and former New York Governor candidate Lee Zeldin today.  Zeldin endorses Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination:


If you have followed the deep weeds of GOP politics, you already knew this was likely.

At a key moment in the New York governor race, in late August of 2022, shortly after the Mar-a-Lago raid, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was scheduled to be keynote speaker at a New York City Zeldin dinner/fundraiser.  Before the fundraiser, DeSantis went to pick up a six-figure donor check from Billionaire developer Joseph Cayre of Midtown Equities.

Cayre told DeSantis that he supported Zeldin’s Democrat opponent Kathy Hochul.  The contingency for the contribution appeared to be that DeSantis would cancel attendance of the dinner for Zeldin.  DeSantis took the Cayre donor check and at the last minute cancelled his attendance at the Zeldin dinner. {GO DEEP}

[…] While unable to attend the evening event, DeSantis was in Deal, New Jersey, earlier in the day at the home of Jay Cayre, head of Midtown Equities, sources told The Post. (link)

Team DeSantis tried to sell a story about an emergency funeral the following day for slain police officer Jose Perez as the reason for his cancellation.  However, we did a deep dive on the details and the timeline, and nothing matched the claims by DeSantis. {GO DEEP}

Officer Perez died on August 20th.  The funeral was announced by the family and FDLE on August 26th, to be held August 29th.

When DeSantis left Florida on August 28th to pick up the check from Cayre and then attend the dinner later that night, he was well aware of the Perez funeral the next day.  DeSantis took the time to pick up the check, then cancelled the evening dinner with Zeldin.

Two months later, long after the value of the fundraising would have been useful, on October 30, 2022, DeSantis made a return trip to New York to fulfill his obligation.

With only a week left before the 2022 mid-term election the value of the “fundraising window” had closed.  DeSantis made an innocuous speech about police officer support, and then left New York.  Essentially Zeldin was railroaded by the financial priority of the Florida Governor.

Actions create consequences.

Today, Lee Zeldin endorsed President Trump – who was very gracious in his appreciation and acceptance:


So, that’s how that happens….

Republican Party of Kentucky, Home State of Mitch McConnell, Receives Generous $1 Million Donation from Pfizer

Posted originally on the CTH on January 14, 2023 | Sundance

As many have eloquently said before, politics is a circle of money.   The politicians provide taxpayer funds to selected private sector businesses, and those corporations fund the political efforts of the politicians. It’s a circle of interests disconnected from the American electorate.

In the latest example, the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer, a multinational who received billions in taxpayer funds for their COVID-19 vaccination and other efforts, now gives a generous $1 million contribution to the Republican Party of Kentucky to expand a new building for the state party.   Kentucky is the home state of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along folks….

KENTUCKY – In what may be the largest political contribution ever given to a political party in Kentucky, the drug maker Pfizer Inc. gave $1 million last month to the building fund of the Republican Party of Kentucky.

A report filed by Republican Party of Kentucky Building Fund last week with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance listed the $1 million from Pfizer along with five other big corporation contributions in the final quarter of 2022 totaling $1.65 million.

That is an extraordinarily large haul for the fund which had raised only $6,000 during the first three quarters of 2022. (READ MORE)

FBI Reveals Seth Rich Computer Showed He May Have been The DNC Leaker

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Dec 12, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The entire story about the murder of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who the “conspiracy theories” claimed that he was the one leaking DNC documents to Wikileaks. The mainstream media called that a conspiracy theory for the actual source was the hacking by the Russians. He was just gunned down and the police instead claimed he had been the victim of an attempted robbery that just went wrong. His parents were out to sue anyone who dared to claim their son was the leader of those documents. Of course, the passing of time always brings out the truth. The entire investigation into RussiaGate has shown that it was created by Hillary and promoted as the real story, which we now know was all fiction and in itself its own conspiracy theory that the mainstream press preferred to spread. Of course, if the mainstream press spread the story, then conspiracy theory is magically transformed into fact.

Seth Rich’s computer, in the possession of the FBI, showed the DNC staffer had relayed DNC documents to WikiLeaks. There never was any Russian interference by hacking the DNC computers for the 2016 election. Of course, that leak, Hillary maintained, cost her the election. Here we have the never-ending conspiracy theories of all the people who crossed Hillary were somehow dead. Seth Rich would neatly fit into that list. I for one as a parent, would not slander my son’s name, but perhaps look deeper and if he was the leaker, then the motive to have him killed would not be a fake robbery.

Vincent Walker Foster Jr. (1945–1993) was an American attorney who served as the Deputy White House Counsel and was under subpoena to testify. The popular fake story was that he was depressed and went to a park to commit suicide. I was told by sources in Congress that he was not killed in the park for (1) there was a piece of his head that was missing, and (2) they brought his car over 30 minutes later when they realized his car was back at the White House.

Instead of Seth’s parents trying to prevent anyone from suggesting their son was the leaker, perhaps they should consider that he was perhaps a patriot and try to expose what made him do that on behalf of his country. Wikipedia is a propaganda machine for the government. Even in college, Wikipedia is not a valid source for reference. The government directs what it is to say on anything that impacts their political agendas.

Incoming House Oversight Chairman James Comer Winds Sean Hannity’s Tick-Tock Clock

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 17, 2022 | Sundance 

Incoming House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.), along with lawmakers from the legislative committee, held a press conference today declaring an investigation shall commence into the Biden family’s influence peddling, the Hunter Biden laptop, and the Biden scheme to enrich themselves. WATCH:

Genuine investigations do not need to be announced.  Take office, start working. This announcement is not needed, unless the announcement itself serves a purpose.  That purpose is what we have previously called “chaff and countermeasures.”

Understanding the DC game of Chaff and Countermeasures…. A “Countermeasure” is a measure or action taken to counter or offset a preceding one.

Politically speaking, the deployment of countermeasures is a well-used tactic by professional politicians in Washington DC to counter incoming public inquiry and protect themselves from anger expressed by the electorate.  The republican leadership are very skilled in the management of “chaff” (outrage), and “countermeasures” (the distraction).

Weaponized government serves its own interests. The countermeasures are DC politicians assigned a role to control the incoming righteous inquiry from voters who find out about the weaponized or corrupt governmental action.  In the republican wing of the UniParty, it looks like this:

There seems to be a willful blindness on the part of the American people, a chosen refusal to acknowledge the implications of the unAmerican and unConstititional behaviors, actions and outcomes we are being served on a daily basis.

It can no longer be presumed to be a matter of “I can’t see what’s happening” because a whole lot of normal Americans really are clean and articulate.

I can’t see it” just doesn’t cut it.

NONSENSE!  Most people can see it.  Most are just choosing to reconcile the irreconcilable because it is more comforting to ignore the truth of it.  Just be honest, for many people avoidance has become a survival mechanism.

It’s more along the lines of “I see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if I admit that I see it, I will become responsible in a way that I am not if I keep pretending I can’t see it or hear it or maybe I don’t understand it.”

Lucy has unlimited footballs.

Admit, or keep pretending.

The choices are ours.

Personally, I will not pretend.

If we all stop pretending, eventually the DC house of cards collapses.  We collapse it one wing at a time.

Pelosi Home Had Live CCTV Security Feed, Capitol Police Were Not Watching During Attack But There is a Recording

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 1, 2022 | Sundance 

Apparently, the San Francisco home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi has real time CCTV security remotely monitored by the Capitol Hill Police.

However, as the story is told, during the attack on Paul Pelosi, no one was watching the CCTV monitors.  But it does appear there is a recording.

(Fox News) –  Officers from the U.S. Capitol Police have live video surveillance outside the Pelosi’s San Francisco residence, but weren’t watching it when David DePape, 42, allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sources tell Fox News.

The officers were monitoring a live-feed of many cameras, which include surveillance of the capitol complex, but also monitor some points away from the capitol, which include the Pelosi residence.

According to sources, an officer was monitoring the feeds and saw police lights on a dark street outside the Pelosi’s residence. When going through surveillance footage, the officer saw the alleged attack on Oct. 28, when DePape allegedly struck Paul Pelosi, people briefed on the incident said, according to the report. (read more)

Eddie, remains suspicious….

Not a Surprise, Neighbor to Pelosi Attacker Describes a Different David DePape Than National Media

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 30, 2022 | sundance

Alternative media outlets have begun to look a little deeper behind the narrative described by media about the attacker of Paul Pelosi, David DePape.  The results do not match the media narrative.

Michael Shellenberger outlines on his substack article: […] “DePape lived with a notorious local nudist in a Berkeley home, complete with a Black Lives Matter sign in the window and an LGBT rainbow flag, emblazoned with a marijuana symbol, hanging from a tree. A closer look reveals the characteristics of a homeless encampment, or what Europeans call “an open drug scene.” In the driveway, there is a broken-down camper van. On the street is a yellow school bus, which neighbors said DePape occasionally stayed in. Both are filled with garbage typical of such structures in homeless encampments. People come and go from the house and the vehicles, neighbors say, in part to partake in the use of a potent psychedelic drug, ibogaine.

Neighbors described DePape as a homeless addict with a politics that was, until recently, left-wing, but of secondary importance to his psychotic and paranoid behavior. “What I know about the family is that they’re very radical activists,” said one of DePape’s neighbors, a woman who only gave her first name, Trish. “They seem very left. They are all about the Black Lives Matter movement. Gay pride. But they’re very detached from reality. They have called the cops on several of the neighbors, including us, claiming that we are plotting against them. It’s really weird to see that they are willing to be so aggressive toward somebody else who is also a lefty.”  (more)

In the video below a neighbor named “Trish” describes the family household where DePape lived.  WATCH:


Sunday Talks, National Media Use Assault on Paul Pelosi to Frame the Midterm Election

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 30, 2022 | sundance

It is particularly noteworthy how the intelligence outlet media, specifically the New York Times, Washinton Post and Politico, frame reaction to the story of Paul Pelosi being attacked in San Francisco by a hammer wielding man possibly in his underwear.

Essentially, if you do not believe the original media story about how police were doing a “welfare check” at 2am on Paul Pelosi only to discover a 42-year-old man named David DePape who had recently broken into the house, arguing with Mr. Pelosi and then striking the victim in the head with a hammer while police watched, they you are a “right-wing conspiracy theorist.”

The Washington Post is aghast that people are not necessarily buying the official storyline.  Questioning some other angle may exist to the story, is tantamount to not believing in global warming, or something:

(Washington Post) […] The skepticism didn’t stay in right-wing echo chambers but seeped also into the feeds of popular online personalities, including Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk.

“There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” he wrote Sunday morning, pointing his 112 million followers to a sensationalist account of the episode published by a site known for spreading right-wing misinformation. (read more)

Every Sunday talk show led off with the story that extreme right-wing fascists were now running amuck, and only by voting for Democrats could the crisis of society falling into anarchy be avoided.

As the national media narrative is promoted, apparently hordes of homosexual nudists clad only in MAGA hats and underwear while waving claw hammers are ready to storm Washington DC if the republicans win the election.  The only thing that can stop the pending mayhem is high voter turnout by 18- to 34-year-olds who vote for Democrats.

…And this same media wonder why they are no longer considered credible.  Go figure.

Things Might be WORSE than You Think!

Awaken With JP Published originally on Rumble on September 8, 2022 10,189

It might be worse than you think…