Angry Joe Biden Shouts He Beat Big Pharma This Year, by Providing them Billions and Forcing their Vaccinations on Americans

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 5, 2022 | sundance

Joe Biden was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin today, to shout at forcibly assembled union workers and celebrate Labor Day.  In the middle of his prepared remarks to the crowd at Laborfest, where labor unions and their members gather annually, Biden exploded in an angry rant proclaiming he had defeated Big Pharma this year.

Even if you overlook the unstable nature of the delivery, it is somewhat of an odd outburst given the fact that his administration gave tens of billions to Big Pharma in the past 20 months, forced American workers to accept Big Pharma vaccines, and facilitated the biggest windfall profit for Big Pharma in history.   If that’s what Joe Biden considers “beating big pharma,” well, I certainly can’t fathom what winning would look like.  WATCH:

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