The Holy Grail Quest for President Trump’s Tax Returns Ends with the World’s Loudest Sad Trombone

Posted originally on the CTH on December 22, 2022 | Sundance 

For seven years the media have walked the American people through a journey to publicize President Donald J Trump’s tax returns, using phrases like “bigger than Watergate.” Promising, almost daily, the results of their quest would be “the beginning of the end” of Trump.

Thousands of hours of media punditry shouting about the holy grail paper trail sure to culminate in a result “devastating beyond all imaginings.”

Meanwhile, millions of column inches were filled with “bombshell” promises of deep expose’s, certain to highlight how the universal villain of all things universally villainous would be crushed under the weight of financial nakedness.

This moment, they promised, would be second only in political consequence to origin of our constellation.  The quest for Trump’s taxes was the culmination of thousands of hours of deep Lawfare expertise, an epic battle worthy of Homer.

A horrible human would explode in shame they said. Yes, Trump was about to be exposed by professionals, DC experts who build careers understanding the complex system of tax filings, financial schemes and arcane laws.  WATCH:

These were the Gandolfian wizards, heroes as proclaimed by the pretorian guard media, the gatekeepers who would finally gain access to the epicenter of the one true financial enlightenment that would forever destroy Godzilla Trump and crush the empire beneath him.

Breaths were held as “soon” they swore.  Pearls were clutched as ticks were tocked.  ‘Any moment now’, the masses began to shout.  Busses and trains stopped.  Swarms of people rushed home to watch television.  Flights were being cancelled as the moment drew near.  The economy came to a halt as thrills were pronounced to be running up legs.

The world’s most investigated human in all humanity was on the cusp of the abyss. The moment had finally arrived.  The culmination of years of baited anticipation.  This was THE moment; this was THEIR moment….

Boxes were spotted passing through the halls of congress. “That’s them,” people muttered clamoring for a glimpse.  MSNBC finally, after years of anticipation, triggered the countdown clock – as a visibly climaxing Rachel Maddow could no longer contain the spontaneous ecstasy.

And then…


The world’s most anticipated and promoted financial disclosure in the history of the modern universe, was a complete nothingburger.

The only person who seems happy is Geraldo Rivera, who likely thinks that perhaps now his opening of Al Capone’s empty vault has finally been eclipsed in its ridiculous nothingness.

President Donald Trump’s taxes show an ordinary schedule of incomes and losses that fit within the four corners of every other tax filing by every other private company owner.  Incomes that rose and fell with the U.S. economy.   Worse yet, the filings show income losses that were amplified by Donald Trump’s decision to put aside his business interest and run for public office.

Yes, Donald Trump is the first President of the United States who lost money as an outcome of his political ascendency because he never sold his office to any individual, corporation, multinational or financial interest.    President Donald J Trump worked for the American people, using policies that were designed to benefit the American people, from within an office that was created to benefit the American people.

For the media, the world’s largest sad trombone.

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