Katie Hobbs and Arizona Officials Now Seek Fines and $25,000+ in Judicial Sanctions as Punishment Against Kari Lake

Posted originally on the CTH on December 26, 2022 | Sundance 

Kari Lake dared to bring a lawsuit against Arizona officials for manipulating the outcome of the 2022 gubernatorial election.  Last Saturday, despite affirming the numerous issues in the election, a Maricopa judge ruled Ms. Lake failed to prove malicious intent for the failed electronic voting systems and broken chain of custody issues.

Without an admission of intent, and without evidence to prove to a demonstrable certainty the errors, mistakes and broken election procedures were intended to influence the election outcome, Judge Peter Thompson ruled against the challenge and asked the defense team to provide him with a list of sanctions against the Lake campaign.

Today, the team of Katie Hobbs asked the court for $25,050 in fines against Kari Lake and other penalties and fines the court may deem necessary to punish the plaintiff for challenging a duly certified election result.  [Today Court Filing Here]

(Via NBC) – […] Hobbs and the county asked for sanctions against Lake and her legal team after an Arizona judge denied Lake’s bid to reverse the results of the November election in a two-day trial. Lake, a prominent election denier and Trump ally, was allowed to go to trial last week with two of her 10 claims, which alleged misconduct with ballot printers and problems with ballot chain of custody.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson denied Lake’s challenge after the trial in a 10-page ruling Saturday. He said the court did not find clear and convincing evidence of misconduct that would have changed the election results. Thompson also noted that the defendants had stated their intention to seek sanctions against Lake and ordered them to file a motion for sanctions by Monday morning.

Attorneys for Hobbs, who has been Arizona’s secretary of state for four years, joined the county in its filing Monday seeking $25,050 from Lake, which includes attorney fees for Hobbs and the state’s most populous county. The county took aim at Lake’s remarks before the election indicating she would not accept the results unless she won, as well as her “groundless” and “frivolous” lawsuit after the election was certified.  (read more)

I’m a little surprised Mrs. Hobbs did not request 1,000 hrs of indentured servitude against Mrs. Lake, whereby the plaintiff would be forced to cook, clean and do other domestic chores for the wounded Mrs. Hobbs.   Then again, I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.  FUBAR

“His kind”…

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