Chairman Trey Gowdy and Select Benghazi Committee Press Conference…

As a former military officer in Special Operations familiar with the planning of operations I can tell you with 100% certainty that the state there were no assets “Close Enough” to be of assets is 100% BS. There are two reasons for the the most important one was the no one knew how long the battle would last. Number two is the military has rapid action forces stationed all over the world ready to go on a moments notice. The fact that no assets were sent means that Washington didn’t want them sent for even if they didn’t get there till it was over the attempt would have been made. Since no one in Washington knew how long the battle would last and they still did nothing it was strictly a politic decision to protect Obama and Hillary for their incompetence. Unfortunately we now have a military that we can no long trust as it is now only an extension of the Presidents personal servants. This is not the military i was in!

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