U.S. Chamber of Commerce Admits No Common Ground With Trump on Immigration – Chamber Demands Open-Ended Immigration Must Be Maintained… ion

The open border position of the crony-capitalistic U.S. Chamber of Commerce is only one of the issues that showcases the hidden agenda of their heavily lobbied influence upon Republicans in Congress.  The CoC spends hundreds of millions writing legislation and paying off the UniParty to deliver on their multinational corporate agenda.

In an interview today the Chamber admits their immigration agenda has no common ground with the President Trump administration.  CTH has pointed out this issue for many years, however more people are awake now.

WASHINGTON DC – The Chamber of Commerce admitted Thursday that it is struggling to find common ground with President Trump on immigration, and so far hasn’t been able to find a “sweet spot” on the controversial issue.

“We don’t have a policy paper on immigration. It’s a controversial area,” Randy Johnson, the Chamber’s senior vice president for labor and immigration policy, said at a press briefing Thursday. “We’re trying to figure out where our interests align with the Trump administration.”

He added later that, “Immigration across the board, with some limitations, is a benefit to this country and that is the position of the Chamber.” In contrast, the Trump administration has sought not only to stop illegal immigration but has backed a plan to cut legal immigration in half.

Johnson said the Chamber, the national largest business trade association, was nevertheless “ready to engage with the Trump administration” on the subjects such a merit-based immigration. The chamber would not budge on family-based immigration though, he said.

Johnson said he hoped the president did not end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that allowed children who were brought to the country illegally to remain, though he said the legal principles behind the policy were shaky. (read more)

“Family-based immigration” is code-speak for open borders.  Under the principles behind family migration, once a single family member arrives in the U.S. they can then bring every member of their family, even extended family by marriage, into the U.S.

This process is also called “chain migration”, because there is essentially no end to the unlimited access brought about by relationship.

On DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arivals), the U.S. CoC is a big proponent of amnesty and open borders.  The CoC wrote, and then spent hundreds of millions paying congress for, the 2013 “Gang-of-Eight” bill within the Senate.  The CoC held the same position on DAPA (the DACA parents).

However, DAPA was found to have been unconstitutional executive branch overreach by the U.S. Supreme Court.  If DAPA was an illegal Obama executive action, DACA is also.  The difference between outcomes is simply that DAPA was challenged successfully by states; DACA has yet to be challenged in court.

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