Elizabeth Warren Admits the 2016 Democrat Primary Election Was “Rigged”…

… And here we go.  Toldyaso.  Right on cue…  Elizabeth “Liawatha” Warren outlines to Jake Tapper, the #1 goal of current DNC Chairman Tom Perez is to bring back the Bernie Sanders supporters ahead of the 2018 elections.


Of course the part Senator Elizabeth Warren leaves out is that she knew the DNC was under the direction and control of the Hillary Clinton campaign back in 2015, Hillary told her, and that’s why Warren never put her name in the candidacy hat. Duh.  Oh, and like none of the-deep-in-the-weeds political reporters knew this?  Ohhkay. Sure. Whatevs.

Unfortunately the Bernie crowd is just gullible enough to buy this re-branding strategy. And of course, in an effort to retain their opinion of Teh One, none of the progressives will admit to themselves that President Obama most certainly knew of the plan.


On the positive side, considering the timing, the Democrats are conceding to lose all remaining special elections in 2017 due to deflated voter enthusiasm.  However, that’s a short price to pay for the larger re-branding strategy.

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