Mega-MAGA Moves: Robert Mercer Leaves Hedge Fund, Sells Breitbart, Distances From Bannon and Rebukes Milo Yiannopoulos

Robert Mercer the multi-billionaire hedge fund co-chief of Renaissance Technologies; owner of Breitbart media; previous backer of Ted Cruz and currently reformed supporter of President Trump is making significant moves.

The overarching direction of the repositioning appears to be common sense. The end result, at least from a 30,000 ft level, positions Mercer toward the pragmatic MAGA Trump movement (CTH perspective) and politely distanced from the gnats and Bannon Bros.

Mr. Mercer sent a letter to his hedge fund principles (investors and pension advisers) notifying them of his stepping down from Renaissance Tech, including the board of directors, though he will remain deeply involved in the research and analytics side of the operation.

Additionally, Mercer appears to have caught-on to the general direction where the gnat swarm was/is headed and is now distancing himself from the nuttery side of right-minded political engagement.  Mercer is shifting controlling ownership of Breitbart media to his two daughters.  This is good news for team common sense and bad news for the hungry gnats.

In a very rare statement attributed directly to Mr. Mercer, he explains his perspectives on Steve Bannon and how despite the general agreement on intent, the methods and approach by Bannon is not always in alignment with Mercer’s own outlooks on politics.

No doubt there are a multitude of CTH readers who will identify with the sentiments contained within the statement from Mr. Mercer.  Indeed, as CTH has oft repeated: if you hang around a one-legged man long enough, sooner or later you’re gonna start limping.

There are a myriad of very important ideological battles being waged upon a large and encompassing ideological geography.  A candidate riding to the voting booth on a horse might sell well to a particular viewer/voter, but in the larger picture it does nothing to draw in the man or woman who hits the alarm clock at 5:15am prior to working for the next and necessary paycheck.

Good moves here by Mr. Robert Mercer, and from a perspective of intellectual honesty, CTH offers appreciation toward any influence agent of such established caliber who puts reasonable logic at the forefront of purposeful planning.


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