Roy Moore Attorney Questions Authenticity of Accusers Evidence – Press Conference Video…

The attorney for Alabama Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore appeared today for a brief press statement and provided material that strongly suggests the documents provided by the accusers attorney, Gloria Allred, were forged.  In a subsequent follow-up interview with Allred she refused to say the documents were not forged.

Apparently Judge Roy Moore was the presiding judge in the divorce case of Beverly Young Nelson.  The signature on the yearbook Mrs. Nelson provides as evidence, via Gloria Allred, looks like it was taken from the judge’s signature on her previously undisclosed divorce documents.

Roy Moore’s attorney Phillip L. Jauregui says Judge Roy Moore has been falsely accused, and wants Gloria Allred to release Beverly Nelson’s yearbook for handwriting analysis and inspection.  The key points to defend Roy Moore from the larger accusations are found within the motive of Allred and Mrs. Young falsifying documents.


Additionally, Gloria Allred appeared on CNN (Wolf Blitzer) and twice refused to state the signature was authentic.  She sounds very sketchy and evasive (video below).

The writing definitely appears to be in two different inks and by two different people.

Here’s Allred refusing to confirm the documents are authentic and not a forgery [06:45].


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