Is DNC Chair Tom Perez Trying “Broken Arrow” 2018?…

Aside from the common vernacular of ‘broken arrow‘ referencing a loss of a nuclear weapon it also means:

“a code phrase that a ground unit is facing imminent destruction from enemy attack and all available air forces within range are to provide air support immediately.”

In essence, with enemy completely overwhelming a position – a military commander calls in direct fire upon themselves in a last-ditch effort to at least retain some of their own forces in the aftermath.

For the sake of this discussion do not consider the reference ‘federal politicians’ (ie. DC congress and Senate); but rather consider the term “broken arrow” a metaphor for the totality of the past eight years and the collapse of the Democrat political apparatus in state House seats and state Senate seats.


  • State House Majority Control: 38 states Republican / 12 states Democrat
  • State Senate Majority Control: 37 states Republican / 17 states Democrat / 1 state tied.
  • State Governors: 34 Republican / 15 Democrat / 1 Independent

If you put a blue marble on a table for each of the Democrat politicians in state office and a red marble on the table for each of the Republican politicians in state office the table would be roughly 65% red marbles and 35% blue marbles.

If you are DNC Chairman Tom Perez the challenge is daunting.  However, one rather extreme strategy would be to call in a “broken arrow” sledgehammer on the entire table.  If your attack smashed a quarter of the total marbles, the majority of the marbles smashed would be red.  Yes you would lose some blue marbles that way but your losses would be less than your opponent simply because you have less marbles on the table.

Still with me?

OK.  Now, think of that sledgehammer as “Sexual Harassment Claims”.

See the strategy?

Your political enemy has twice the exposure to risk.  Hollywood starts the narrative, and the Media can be counted upon to assist the strategy by over emphasizing the scale of the enemy losses and downplaying the scale of the friendly losses.

If you started with a total of 1,000 marbles (650 red, 350 blue) and lost 25% in the strike, the end result would be 250 casualties (163 red, 87 blue).  You would have killed off twice as many state/national republicans as you would state/national democrats.

It’s an extreme strategy; it’s a desperate strategy; but it’s a strategy nonetheless.    This is DNC Chairman Tom Perez we are talking about.  Former head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division (CRS); before becoming Obama’s head of the Department of Labor.

Perez is a life-long fellow Alinsky traveler inside the cause; and was ‘installed’ as DNC Chair the same way Hillary Clinton was installed as candidate in 2016.

Democrats, the institutional system that is constructed of people, are pretty good political strategists but their modern Achilles heel is their lack of patience.  The system supporting the ideological hand of Perez is demanding immediacy – they’re desperate.

The 2010 (“shellacking” of Obama) through 2014 gains were all Tea Party.  The 2016 gains, including the presidency, was MAGA; the evolution of the exact same people.  The Trump MAGA Team in 2016/2017 was the Tea Party Team in 2009/2010.  The commonality was/is ‘cold anger‘.  Strategic. Purposeful. Resolute. Deliberate. Long-term and sequential.

Current 2017 Democrat anger is hot.  It’s reactionary; easily provoked to act to spite itself. That anger is fueling stupid…. It thrashes. Look around, it’s childish.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Try stupid strategy, win stupid consequences.

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