Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Gordon Chang, Subject: China and North Korea…

CTH has been looking, unsuccessfully, for China SME’s who have insight on the DC lobbying angle by Chinese foreign nationals and the hidden story of how the Trump administration might be confronting that aspect.

Gordon Chang briefly touches on that note during a discussion segment on the overall outcome of President Trump’s 12-day visit to Asia.

Apparently, if Chang’s sources are accurate (likely they are), the notification by POTUS Trump toward Chairman Xi Jinping, of the lobbyist warning did take place [Video 02:25].


The foreign influence lobbying is a critical element for us domestically in the larger geopolitical strategy.  Chinese nationals pay our congressional representatives millions of dollars to purchase U.S. foreign policy.  CTH is cautiously optimistic this is a key element of Robert Mueller.

China, Russia and the downstream North Korean enablers (Cuba, Venezuela, etc.) are the keys to stopping the DPRK. As such each national interest is being targeted and leveraged as part of the N-Korean strategy.

♦ President Trump continues to pressure Russia via energy.
♦ President Trump continues to pressure China via trade outcomes.
♦ President Trump is leveraging financial sanctions on Venezuela along with energy pressure; and simultaneously breaking away from former short-sighted benefits for Cuba delivered that were delivered by President Obama.

Hopefully CTH readers can see how comprehensive this strategy is.  Unfortunately you won’t see it outlined in U.S. media.

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