President Trump Tweets Critique and Cover for British Prime Minister Theresa May…

Earlier today President Trump re-tweeted some videos showing radical Islamism and behavior of their terroristic followers.  The videos originated from a twitter account of a U.K. citizen.  Prime Minister Theresa May took exception to the sunlight:

“It is wrong for the President to have done this,” May’s office said in response to the retweeted videos, initially posted by British far-right leader Jayda Fransen of Britain First.

“Britain First seeks to divide communities through their use of hateful narratives which peddle lies and stoke tensions,” May said in a statement. “They cause anxiety to law-abiding people.” (read more)

Moments ago, President Trump responded (again, via Twitter):

The hidden part of this back-and-forth is the strategic two-layer cover this is providing PM Theresa May.    Here’s what media won’t point out:

#1) Prime Minister May’s government is currently in a furnace within the U.K. over the ongoing Brexit issues.   A criticism from Trump ends up bolstering her support as tenuous allies will now rally to her PC defense.

#2) Prime Minister May’s public defense of European political correctness, well received by the far-left within Britain, when contrast against the internal Islamic threat – will also allow her to take more aggressive action against the local Islamists.

No-one in the U.K. wants an attack where horrible POTUS Trump can say: “Toldyaso” etc.

Brilliant…. and horrible.

Oh, the vulgarian…


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