Pure Political Propaganda – Narrative Engineers Try to Divide Trump and Tillerson…

Deep State Swamp Hits Back

The New York Times narrative engineers: Maggie Haberman, Peter Baker and Gardiner Harris are attempting to create division between President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in an entirely manufactured hit piece against the Trump administration.

According to their script, which again requires “anonymous or invisible sources“, the White House is considering a replacement for Secretary of State Tillerson.


Beyond the customary pro-active contingency plans, that are always in place for succession planning amid top level leadership, the narrative as being distributed is 100% pure agenda-driven horsepucky.

The media agenda here is clear.  Secretary of State Rex is methodically downsizing the State Department and reversing the current mission of the agency away from interventionist globalism, and back toward common sense foreign policy.

The position of hundreds of pontificating sanctimonious career bureaucrats are being dissolved.  The Deep State is being deconstructed and the globalists are apoplectic.

That reality has created the need for left-wing propaganda pushers like the New York Times to create narratives to defend their Deep State Swamp interests. Nothing more.

Additionally, the objective in this media endeavor is a familiar pattern; try to create a self fulfilling prophecy by creating division between the ranks of key administration officials. In these efforts the Murdoch Clan (Fox News) is in direct alignment with the Slim Clan (New York Times).

Remember, the entrenched swamp professional political embeds from the State Dept leak to CNN and the New York Times.  The Intel embeds leak to the Washington Post.

To drive the wedge between T-Rex and President Trump the NYT relies on dredging up old previously used division stories and attempt to present them as a backdrop for their renewed efforts.  THIS TOO WILL FAIL.

We noted yesterday the first indications that something was shuffling around in the shadows near the horizon.  President Trump has pushed through all attempts to destabilize his agenda advancement.

With momentum in the tax reform agenda and with economic reality of a growing economy, POTUS Trump has the aggregate political enemy on its heels. It should be obvious to political followers now how the collective DC UniParty apparatus attempts to reposition when in retreat.

The GOPe and Democrat opposition, the UniParty, utilize their familiar media engineers to push back.  That’s why we saw Marco Rubio on the FOX TeeVee last night with his Rubio/Schumer amendment (Rubio and Schumer… I mean c’mon, duh), and that also leads toward this insufferable New York Times attack approach.

It’s all connected.

The “Big Ugly” is a 360° battlespace.

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