Sunday Talks: Adam Shifty Talks Russia With Narrative Engineer Jake Tapper…

After spending a reasonable amount of time looking at the recent CNN Fake News story surrounding Donald Trump Jr; and accepting the leak that spurred that fake news story stemmed from inside the House Intelligence Committee; and after applying a reasonable amount of common sense to how it occurred; CTH believes Adam Schiff was the most likely source of the leak to CNN’s Congressional Correspondent, Manu Raju, that led to the fraudulent story.  Today’s discussion with Jake Tapper confirms that assertion:


CNN’s ‘Vast Russian Conspiracy‘ sellers and their cast of leakers below.


The Donald Trump Jr. email was leaked from within the committee, and later reported by CNN, that the date was “September 4th, 2016”; a date convenient for a collusion narrative between Trump Jr and WikiLeaks.

However, the real date, on the actual email, was “September 14th, 2016”; a day after Wikileaks published the content of their DNC leaks and a date that makes the entire CNN report a ‘nothingburger’.

However, CNN reports that two independent sources originally leaked to them the contents of what they had seen on the email in question.  But CNN never saw the email, until later in the day.

Think about this carefully.

♦Two “independent sources” both looked at an email, and both came away from reading that email with the wrong date?   How is that possible?

♦Such a specific tidbit of false information (a single date, on a single piece of paper), amid a very small group of people (congressional intel committee).

♦The pool of people, “sources”, able to *verify* and/or *authenticate* the very specific detail (a date on a page), amid a heavily controlled small-group environment, would itself be very small.

♦CNN reports an engineered narrative based on a wrong date. ABC and MSNBC (NBC) claim they *independently confirmed*, with their sources, that same wrong date.

Again, think carefully about it.

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