The Special Counsel, Mueller and all the Congressional Investigations need to be Shut Down!

We have been told for well over a year now that Candidate Hillary did no wrong and Candidate Trump was a puppet of Putin. The Justice Department and the FBI and the Congress and the Executive branch of our government have now been looking at this issue with a Special Counsel, the US Justice department, a Justice Department IG, The US House of Representatives, The US Senate, the White house, all the US Intelligence Agency’s and virtually the entire national media, Hollywood, and a good portion of the blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media all in an attempt to find some crime on someone for doing something. So what we have are two sides dug into trench warfare and where no matter which side wins we have constitutional crises!

This has got to stop it serves no purpose and worse if there was some minor or processes crimes that were found here and we ended up with more hearings and criminal charges and trials this could go on for years and would prove nothing but it will destroy all faith in our form of government.

If I were Trump this is what I would do …

I would go on national television and address this major problem directly after the first of the year. I’ll just give bullet points in what I’m proposing here but professionals could properly dress it up.

  • The core problem i.e. The generational change in American Society, politics and the Deep State
  • Globalism and One World Government, verses American sovereignty
  • This Current witch hunt that we have gotten into is very bad and it has the potential to do great harm to the country

Therefore I am going to do the following

  1. I am going to ask the Special counsel and all the various committees to finish their investigations in 30 day. And present a final report of their findings. This has been going on long enough.
  2. If they have not done so by that time or if at that time there is nothing substantial than I will do the following to end this so we can move on.
  3. I will grant pardons to all the various campaign staff and political appointees of any party that were involved directly or indirectly in any way in the current situation in following groups
    1. The Trump Campaign
    2. The Hillary Campaign
    3. The FBI
    4. The Justice Department
    5. The Obama Administration
    6. The Trump Administration

We need to stop this process and get on with what the people in this country what us to do, which is fix the problems in our country so the citizens can get back to living this life’s without all this drama

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