Interesting Segment With Shannon Bream…

Last night on Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream, there was an interesting segment with a relatively unfamiliar face.  Policy Advisor and Author, Sidney Powell, appeared on the show to discuss the concluding DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, aspects to the current congressional investigations.

A very well briefed, and interestingly up-to-date, Mrs. Powell appears at 30:19 of the video discussion below. WATCH (prompted – just hit play):


All indications are Mrs. Powell was the author of the curiously correct Sean Hannity article “Creeps On A Mission” we enthusiastically noted last night – SEE HERE.

It provides optimism to see the full scale of accurate information being assembled by voices behind media pundits who can inform their audience on what is to come.

Team Wolverine is on the march…


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