The Bloom is Off the Ruse: Angela Merkel Again Rejects Attempts to Enforce Paris Climate Treaty…

In June, 2017, while trying to keep President Trump committed to the Paris Climate Treaty, Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron delivered a joint statement proclaiming: “the Paris Climate Treaty is irreversible and cannot be renegotiated.”

U.S. President Trump knew the economic ramifications would handcuff the U.S. and that was the primary motive behind their demands. Rightly POTUS Trump brushed off the demands and withdrew the U.S. from the treaty, in July 2017:

Then came a predictable series of events…

A month after U.S. President Trump called out the ridiculous globalist economic agenda and withdrew the U.S. from participating, German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded on August 20th, 2017, by removing her own country from the primary treaty demands.  Five months later, January 2018, the anointed leader of far-left international political policy then withdrew entirely from the 2020 carbon emission reduction goal.

All of these moves only further evidenced that ‘climate change’, vis-a-vis the Paris Treaty, was/is an insufferable economic control policy; a ruse; a scheme manufactured by global financial elites who seek power and leverage upon the sheeple proles.  Merkel well understands that global emission control mechanisms, specifically carbon reduction schemes, are nothing more than policy tools to exfiltrate national wealth.

Today, much to the chagrin of the barking moonbats and pontificating international elites, Chancellor Merkel refuses to change her position:

(Via Reuters) […] Merkel said such calls, most recently from the European Commission’s climate chief Miguel Arias Canete, for swifter cuts to harmful carbon dioxide emissions would be counterproductive, adding that setting new goals made little sense when European countries were already struggling to meet their cuts targets.

“I’m not particularly happy about these new proposals,” she said of Canete’s call to increase from 40 to 45 percent the scale of cuts to target by 2030.

“I think we should first stick to the goals we have already set ourselves. I don’t think permanently setting ourselves new goals makes any sense.”

Merkel’s government has already faced criticism for abandoning emissions targets it had set itself for 2020 after concluding they were unachievable, while sticking to a target it had set itself for a decade later.  (read more)

In related news…. Approximately two weeks ago the mainstream media was apoplectic when Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke explained the root cause of the California wildfires.

When Secretary Zinke said the primary problem was a failure of State and Federal officials to control the fuel load and manage the forest(s), the climate nuts went bananas WATCH:



….Fast forward two weeks later, and here’s the latest plan from California Governor Moonbeam:

The Hill


California Gov. Jerry Brown considers easing logging rules to help fight fires 

Go figure!

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