Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses Kavanaugh and MidTerm Elections – Dan Bongino is Right….

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy discusses the mid-term elections and the ramifications for republican candidates and politicians against the backdrop of the Kavanaugh hearings.

There is a crescendo of frustration within the electorate, I call it “Cold Anger”, ready to be unleashed.  Unfortunately, the traditional republican approach -represented by the Kevin McCarthy/Mitch McConnell mindset- with any political controversy, is to frame the argument such that GOPe politicians cannot vote against the will of the electorate.

In the example of Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, the GOPe strategy is to position Brett Kavanaugh, such that Flake, Murkowski and Collins cannot vote against the nomination.  This is the Decepticon way; the way of the swamp.

Unfortunately, what most MAGA voters fail to understand is: each of the aforementioned senators want to vote against the nominee; their self-interests are aligned with the UniParty in opposition, not in favor.   This endless quest to find ways to force the Decepticon politicians to vote with the will of the people is emotionally and mentally exhausting.

This is a personal opinion, likely not supported by many – and generally unpopular, but President Trump should have told Mitch McConnell to let Senators Flake, Murkowski and Collins face the ultimate choice. Force them to vote either “for” or “against” the will of the people.

This is a constitutional republic working as designed.

By playing the Machiavellian political games of the swamp, President Trump might, repeat might, gain Kavanaugh; however, the underlying system of corrupt and bastardized political processes remains untouched and unfazed. This approach benefits the swamp.

Perhaps President Trump will eventually win the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps President Trump can leverage Flake, Murkowski and Collins to vote against what they really want to do.  Perhaps, yet again, we can eek out a win despite their political opposition.  However, in doing so the Decepticon system just moves-on to the next Machiavellian deployment.

In the bigger picture, and again this is likely unpopular, I would prefer to confront the swamp directly.  Put sunlight on these elements that continue to hide amid our ranks.  Force the damn vote.  If it fails, we move to the next nominee and the mid-term election.

Make Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski fight us in sunlight. Fight us where everyone can see. Fight us directly…. At some point We The People need to end this decade-long fight strategy where we engage amid shadows and deceivers.  Their preferred ground rules for this are based on Machiavellian political scheme, lies and fraud.

Not everyone may agree on this approach, that’s ok. I understand there are all sorts of opinions on these issues. However, my sense is that We The People are ready to fight, but we also want those who oppose us to see the purposeful glare in our eyes as we achieve victory and crush them with overwhelming force.

We need to draw out the deceivers and eliminate them from our ranks. As a well versed person pointed out recently:

….”How do you fight a [Decepticon] virus that continues to mutate and survive, no matter the treatment?”…

I would argue, we stop trying to treat it… and just kill it.

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