Sunday Talks: Lindsey Graham Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination…

Senate Judiciary Committee member Lindsey Graham walks through the events of the past several days and outlines his hopes for how the senate confirmation process will progress.

Senator Graham is optimistic the FBI report will leverage Flake, Collins and Murkowski to support the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh against their expressed opposition.  West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin doesn’t have to do anything as long as the republicans are the opposition. This type of protection agreement is the UniParty way; it works in both directions.

Graham is making the same bet as President Trump; likely it was Graham who convinced POTUS into the FBI/VOTE delay.  Hopefully, they are correct; I’m not convinced.  We’ll see… maybe, in a few weeks… possibly, hopefully, sooner; if we get lucky. The UniParty goal is to keep pushing until the gravity of the mid-term election gains an unbreakable grip on Kavanaugh.


Part 2 of the interview below:


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