Tripwire Crossed – James Comey: “It is idiotic” to rush the FBI…

Consider this the official triggering of phase #3 in a well planned, thoughtful, well mapped-out process by professional Democrats and their media allies.

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…”We live in a world where the president is an accused serial abuser of women” … “In that world, the F.B.I. is now being asked to investigate, on a seven-day clock” … “If truth were the only goal, there would be no clock” …”It is idiotic to put a shot clock on the F.B.I.” … “the process is deeply flawed, and apparently designed to thwart the fact-gathering process” …

See where this is going?  Note the message.  Note the distribution venue.  Follow the strategy:

  • Phase 1 – Activate last minute delay chaos (prior “Me Too” investment).
  • Phase 2 – Use sex assault claims to demand investigation, further delay. Use republicans, not democrats, to establish/frame the delay.
  • Phase 3 – Use investigation to frame validity narrative; further delay.  Use republican fear, not democrats, to continue the delay.
  • Phase 4 – Use “deeply flawed” investigation narrative to penetrate mid-term membrane…. “Let the voters decide”.
  • Phase 5 – The mid-term election.

So far, the DC UniParty is executing this flawlessly.

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