Kavanaugh Smear Campaign – Anticipating Mid-Week Shift To Phase #4

The highly predictable strategy by Democrats, far-left activists and compliant ideological media to smear/destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh is solidly in phase three:

  • √ Phase 1 – Activate last minute delay chaos (prior “Me Too” investment).
  • √ Phase 2 – Use sex assault claims to demand investigation, further delay. Use republicans, not democrats, to establish/frame the delay.
  • √ Phase 3 – Use investigation to frame validity narrative; further delay.  Use republican fear (leverage Jeff Flake) not democrats, to continue the delay. Manipulate FBI. Shift investigation goalposts.   <=WE ARE HERE
  • Phase 4 – Use “deeply flawed investigation” narrative (witnesses ignored); to isolate Murkowski/Collins and keep Flake in position.  Drum mid-term “Let the voters decide”.
  • Phase 5 – The mid-term election.

So far, the DC UniParty is executing this flawlessly.  The shift to Phase 4 should be anticipated for Thursday’s media-cycle.   On/Around October 15th the mid-term gravitational field will take over.



Senator Jeff Flake informs his progressive audience that he will almost assuredly vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh; despite the delay happening *ONLY* because he demanded the investigation.   Flake duped the Senate.

This entire scheme has been a carefully manufactured process from the outset.  That’s why Mrs. Blasey-Ford social media was scrubbed in advance.  All of this was tightly coordinated and loosely framed.

They won’t stop.

It’s going to get worse.

Delay only enables them.

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