Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination – Outlines Political Standard for Nomination Withdrawal…

Senator Lindsey Graham discusses the current status of the Kavanaugh nomination with Fox News host Sean Hannity. Senator Graham says he feels confident that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Senator Mitch McConnell is confident there will be a vote by the end of the week.

However, Mr. Hannity ponders what happens if two of the GOPe votes withdraw. If 49 yea votes are forecast, Graham does the infamous triple-lindsey

Senator Graham outlines his advice to President Trump if two-of-three Senators (Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins) do not support the nomination at the end of the week. Graham would advise President Trump to pull the nomination and campaign in the 2018 mid-term election with Kavanaugh as the primary issue. Oddly enough, that’s the same goal held by the Democrat wing of the UniParty.


Whenever there is deep contention -actual risk of political exposure- the UniParty always maneuvers back into the shadows and away from actually taking a vote.

If the GOPe pull the vote, republican voters will be angry/disappointed. If the GOPe vote and cannot confirm the nominee, republican voters will be angry/disappointed. Oddly enough, when the UniParty is successful, it always seems to be republican voters that are angry/disappointed.  [See: budgets, shut-downs, Obamacare, Omnibus, Go8 Amnesty]

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